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Weekend Wrap


Hope everybody’s off to a nice start to the week. I’m feeling extra exhausted and I think it has something to do with our action-packed (for us, anyway) weekend…

Friday night we spontaneously met up with my sister and her fiance for a drink at VBGB. I also got the black bean burger on a pretzel bun and decided that pretzel buns are the only buns. There should really be no other buns. Pretzel buns reign supreme.

Saturday was the Moo & Brew festival, a burger and beer fest where I obviously don’t belong but the weather was perfect and we ran into a bunch of my friends so it was all good. I also found this guy with a cat shirt and made him take a picture with me…



We spent the rest of that afternoon at a friend’s house and then stopped by Viva Chicken on our way home (which you can read about here because we always get the same thing).



Sunday was a whole lot of nothing with some groceries and a workout and cats.


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