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Caturday 4.11.15


HOLY CRAP HAPPY CATURDAY. We are still alive over here and Ralph and Weaz want to make the highly anticipated announcement of our Ultimate Plank Fitness giveaway winner.

Drumroll please…

And the winner is…


Kelsey Stiltenpole!

We have emailed you and will send your book out ASAP so you can start planking. 🙂

Ralph and Weaz also want to wish a very happy birthday to their Grammy who made another trip around the sun yesterday. We got her an iPad so she can Facetime with her grandbaby but I have grand plans to make her video chat with the cats on the regular too.


I am still miserable about my Tilly monster. I have very visceral physical reactions to thoughts and photos and memories of her every single day. The whole thing just still makes my stomach hurt and my heart beat fast. It’s awful. Some people had questions about how her fundraising money was spent and 100% of the incredible $3,800 raised went to her medical expenses, which totaled over $4,000. Thank you again for your support there. I can’t believe how impactful that little cat was.

In case you didn’t hear, Halfway There Rescue, the rescue that saved Tilly and usually works exclusively with dogs, pulled 12 cats in honor of Tilly. One even ended up pregnant so now there are 17 miracle Tillycats on the track to a new life. That makes me happy.

It’s weird around the house with just the four of us now but everybody is doing well, and while we aren’t on the hunt for any more cats, I do love knowing that I have space in my life to help foster and things like that. Believe it or not we have a bit of a dog radar out right now. GASP.



Ok that’s it from over here. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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