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Ultimate Plank Fitness Giveaway!


In all my enthusiasm about the release of Jen’s book I got a little overzealous and ordered two copies on accident. So you know what that means…


Jen (of Peanut Butter Runner, as I’m sure you know) is a damn force of nature. She decided what she wanted to be and went and did it. Big time. She went from an office job in marketing to a full-time fitness career with a jam packed studio calendar, sold out workshops, traveling retreats and most recently the release of her book Ultimate Plank Fitness.

Beyond all that Jen is just a nice normal person. She’s supportive and quiet and kind and also sarcastic and self aware in a way I really appreciate. She’s a cool person.

Nobody works harder and nobody is more deserving of the success. So while this is just the very beginning for Jen, let’s celebrate the milestone of this book before she does something else awesome! (Ralph is celebrating too.)


Ultimate Plank Fitness

Ultimate Plank Fitness is a brilliant collection of traditional and completely unexpected plank exercises designed to challenge and strengthen the core. Each move includes full-color photos along with a breakdown of skill level, available modifications, key performance points and common faults. You can piece the moves together however you want or use them to supplement your current workout, but Jen has also compiled them into 10 different targeted workouts that you’ll find at the end of the book.

I FREAKING LOVE THIS WHOLE CONCEPT. I love plank workouts. I love workouts I can do in my pajamas. I love workouts that challenge me. This is all of that.

Congratulations, Jen!

To enter the giveaway:

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  1. Ashley Ashley

    Would love to win this book! I’m sure Jen has amazing workouts!

  2. Mariaelena Mariaelena

    I want to win so I can try something new! 🙂

  3. Joy Joy

    I’d love to win because I’ve been working on my core and need all the help I can get

  4. Carla S Carla S

    I want to win because I only do basic planks and want to advance.

  5. need to win to make my day a win and to work on my sad old core

  6. Stacie Stacie

    I need something new!! Thanks for the giveaway Katie 🙂 Congrats Jen!

  7. Holly E Holly E

    I would love to try some new exercises.

  8. Emily Smith Emily Smith

    I want to win because summer is just around the corner and I need to work on my midsection.

  9. dana dana

    I want to win so i can get fit!

  10. Laura Laura

    Love to start working out this way!

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