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Weekend Wrap



March has been one hell of a month and I’ve honestly kind of been holding my breath for it to end for like 29 days straight. I just had a ton of stuff going on and a solid dose of personal struggle and am ready for a little more freedom of all kinds. My last big obligation of the month culminated in my company’s 24-hour overnight Hackathon this weekend and I lived to tell the tale.

It went like this.

I had to start setting things up at noon on Friday so I debated whether or not to drop by #instabeerupCLT (which you can read all about here) on Thursday night but I’m really glad I did. Tons of people came out to Sycamore Brewing to mix and mingle. I usually hate things like this but I think I’ve finally found my people in Charlotte. I stayed way later than anticipated and it was worth it. Oh. Sorry about how I was drinking prosecco at a beer meet up. This is who I am.




So Friday overnight into Saturday was game time. As much as I dread the build up to this event, it is one of my favorite nights all year. Last year was my first time producing the Hackathon and this year we stepped it up BIG TIME with more than 200 people coming to geek out over data. I love it.



Things get super weird in the sponsor lounge after midnight and all the organizers like to battle it out to see who can stay up the latest. I made it to 5a this year and felt like this after a two-hour nap:



It’s a really cool thing to see people work so hard on something they’ve sacrificed sleep and sanity to pull off. The teams did an incredible job this year. It’s also a really cool thing to see the community rise up and support a major geekfest such as this so in the end it was all totally 100% worth it. Always is.

I’m still happy March is almost over though.

I spent the rest of the weekend just lounging around with the cats, avoiding alcohol and human interaction, and eating good food.

I truly feel that this ginger pineapple smoothie delivered me from the evil of my weekend. I mean I went through the Taco Bell drive through at 2:45am dressed as a giant banana. (I told you the things get weird in the sponsor booth after hours.)IMG_8454


Hope you had a great weekend and slept more than I did. On to the next…


  1. oh boy what an intense way to end march. i’ve been seen the past two weeks and i’m just finally starting to feel better. i feel like i lost much of my month to this cold i had! bc of that, i’m all about making the most of april and doing all the things i was to sick to do. number one being laying outside in the florida sun, and like you, drinking prosecco at a beer bar with my friends bc i too am like that. xo

  2. Just came across your blog and I really like it because I can relate to a lot of it. I’m (mostly) vegan and really into health and fitness. This past fall (2014) I did Kayla Itsines 12-week BBG but without the H.E.L.P meal guide. I’m considering getting the vegetarian/vegan meal guide now as an addition to my workout routine, which is how I found my way to your blog (a google search of reviews of Kayla’s vegetarian/vegan guide). So thanks for that! 🙂

    • Katie Katie

      Thanks, Tina! I freaking LOVE Kayla. 🙂

      • Just curious, did you feel hungry the first couple of days following the meal guide, before your body got used to the new style of eating? I’m not doing the BBG workouts anymore, instead I train 4-5 heavy weight sessions a week and power walks and occasional runs in addition to that so all in all I’m doing heavier workouts than the BBG guide. The past two days I’ve been eating according to the guide and find I’m quite hungry. Did you experience this too?

      • Katie Katie

        I didn’t feel hungry at all! You could always adjust the calories to better suit your activity level/hunger cues by adding in some extra snacks or increasing portion sizes on the meals.

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