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How to Be a Vegetarian at Viva Chicken


Though the name might not imply it, Viva Chicken, a Peruvian place in the struggling-thriving-struggling-thriving again Elizabeth neighborhood, is home to some pretty substantial vegetarian fare making it a GO in our dueling lifestyle home. Nick eats chicken and I do not, but I can still eat well at Viva Chicken.

Step 1: Order the sangria.


I don’t drink much, if at all, these days but if presented with a Big Gulp of this homemade sangria layered with mango pulp, I would chug it.



Step 2: Pick from an assortment of meat-free options, including the quinoa-stuffed avocado (crowd favorite), the Inca Wrap (to which most people would add meat but you don’t have to), Tallarin Saltado (an interesting fusion pasta dish with tomatoes, ginger and Peruvian soy sauce) or my favorite the Viva Taku Bowl.


Step 3: Yes, fries.

The Charlotte restaurant scene is getting to be really good about having multiple meat-free options on every menu and I dig it.


  1. Mmm yes love Viva Chicken. The stuffed avocado is the bomb. That street is so cute but I never think to go there. However I heard a new ice cream spot just opened there (Elizabeth Creamery, maybe?) so I need to check that out.

  2. kate kate

    we just ordered this last night on our way back from the airport – i got the inca wrap sans meat – sooo yummy. next on my list is that bowl you got, looks delish! 🙂

  3. Ellen Ellen

    Do you not drink for weight loss ?

    • Katie Katie

      No, I just don’t drink because I don’t like it. Nick and I both don’t really drink so it works. I used to drink a lot when I was younger, but now it hits me really hard and doesn’t make me feel good so I’m more inclined to just opt out. I still love an occasional fancy cocktail or glass of wine but it’s all pretty rare.

      • Ellen Ellen

        Heard that! I am trying to cut back the older I get because the next days are nottttt worthhh it.

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