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Weekend Wrap


Hello hello. Hope everybody had a solid weekend. I did absolutely nothing with my life and it was good. I avoided almost all human contact, checked almost all of my languishing emails and sort of started to slowly return to functioning again. There is a gaping hole in our lives where Tilly was and my apartment feels like a big hollow depressing cavern. That little cat had a huge presence. I was telling another cat owner who is about to make some of the same tough decisions I just did that I don’t think things necessarily get easier, they just get further away. So to that extent, each day at least feels a little easier.

Friday night I realized I hadn’t really eaten much at all this week and was suddenly starving to death so I sent Nick an emergency falafel text and that’s what we did for dinner. (Honestly any time I want falafel it’s kind of an emergency situation.)

When I grow up I hope I’m just like my mom. She always sends us stuff for holidays that basically don’t even count anymore in adulthood but she still wants them to be special. So we got a box of Easter cookies that taste just like cake. I seriously do not even know when Easter is.



In my quest to un-chemical my life, I have struggled to find a suitable replacement for my Febreeze habit. I am hyper sensitive to the fact that cats don’t smell good and am terrified I can’t tell how bad my house smells so I’m constantly dousing it in fragrances. Febreeze is the strongest and thus my favorite. I know it’s not good though and most certainly doesn’t stick to my no animal testing rule so I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement. I found it. SMELLS SO GOOD.


I wrapped up the final Week 12 of the Kayla Itsines program this weekend and FREAKING LOVE IT. I’m starting round two tomorrow.

Beyond that there was just a whole lot of cat time with these two jokers:


Have a very lovely week. This week I think I’ll be chatting dill pickle popcorn, how to veganize boxed crumb cake and the vegetarian food I love at a chicken place. Positive vibes only.


  1. samantha samantha

    Knowing the time to come is tough but you’re tough too!

    Anxiously awaiting this dill pickle popcorn gouge. Not sure if you saw it but I tagged on you IG a few months ago with the dill pickle soup recipe. It’s a staple in our house now!

    And thanks for the meyers tip…we have a 2000sq ft home and just one cat (for now) but I too am paranoid that I can’t actually notice the scent!

  2. Lisa Lisa

    Pretty sure I saw you at TJ’s Midtown this morning. Wanted to reach out but then thought that might be weird, since we’ve never actually met each other! So, whether it was you or not, know that you are in my thoughts. And that falafel / hummus / etc. looks amazing! Where did you get it???

    • Katie Katie

      Probably! Did I look like hell? If yes… then yes. 😉

      Thanks so much. Say hey any time. The falafel plate is from Kabob Grill on East! (The same guys also own Levant Uptown.)

  3. Sam Sam

    I’m sorry again about your loss <3

    If you haven't tried Le Kebab in the university area then I highly recommend it. Their food is amazing and their falafels are on point.

    • Katie Katie

      Yes! I keep hearing about this. I’ll go. Thanks! I also keep hearing about Bread & Kabob too…

  4. Keep on keepin’ on! That falafel looks amazing, good choice for comfort food!

    • Katie Katie

      Thanks! Falafel for life.

  5. As the owner of both dogs and cats, hands down dogs are way smellier than cats! I know immediately when I walk into someone’s home and they have dogs but can’t say the same about cats unless they don’t keep their litter box clean or they’re literal cat hoarders (I work for an animal shelter and yes have had the pleasure of going into hoarding situations). Because I have 4 animals I too am obsessed with keeping it fresh smelling and have made my mom swear to me that she will ALWAYS tell me if she walks in my house and it smells like dog (but not cat lol) so I get it! Just trying not to add any more fuel to the “I hate cats” bandwagon by making people think they’re smelly because cats are so clean! 🙂

  6. Darcy Darcy

    I used to love Mrs. Meyers stuff, but I heard it was bought by a bigger company (Johnson and Johnson, maybe?? I can’t remember) that DOES use ingredients tested on animals, so unfortunately, it is no longer cruelty free. I’ve also noticed that the newer MM products I was given for Christmas don’t have the bunny logo anymore to certify that they weren’t tested on animals in any way. Does your room freshener still have the cruelty-free certification on it?

      • Darcy Darcy

        Thanks, Rachel, I have noticed that information is still on the company website, but I’ve also noticed that some of the products that used to have that leaping bunny symbol on them no longer do. For instance, one of my hand soaps has the symbol and the other does not. Seemed a bit fishy to me that something formerly stamped cruelty-free would no longer proudly display this certification.

    • Yeah that’s very odd. However since their website still states they are cruelty free I would think they still are. I also didn’t see any mention of them being bought out by anyone? I buy some other products that are cruelty free that don’t mention it anywhere on the packaging either. Who knows why but I agree, if it says cruelty free I am more likely to buy! I recently downloaded this new app called Cruelty Cutter. It lets you scan the bar code of an item when you’re out shopping and will let you know if it’s cruelty free or not! I find it very useful.

  7. Ellen Ellen

    So sorry for your loss <3 And the falafel looks amazing. Where did you order it from?

    • Katie Katie

      Kabob Grill! It’s my favorite.

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