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Tough Cookie Co.


I love cookies. I find them to be far superior to cupcakes but tied or perhaps even second to brownies, blondies and bars of all kinds. I especially love cookies that deliver sassy little messages like those created by the duo over at Tough Cookie Co. They literally have one that says “What fucking ever”. I NEED ONE EVERY DAY.

This little business sort of popped up overnight in the last couple of months due to popular demand. The two co-founders still have other jobs, but more and more orders are rolling in for their delightful creations, giving the business some powerful organic growth in a very short time.

I dropped by The Daily Press last weekend to check them out at a vintage pop-up shop and came home with a donut and a bag of little honeycomb hexagons.


The kicker for me is that not only are these cookies cute and flawlessly designed, they also taste good, a priority that often becomes an afterthought with cookies that are sometimes created for aesthetic only. Not the case here. These are awesome.


They’re still a bit underground at the moment so you’ll only find them on Instagram (where you’ll also find instructions for how to order).



  1. TaMo TaMo

    The honey comb hexagons are the design for Honeystuck blog. Eat up!

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