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Cookie Stamps!


I never get out of Marshall’s/TJ Maxx/Homegoods without adding at least one item to my haul while standing in line to check out. That’s where they put all the good impulse buys like this triple-message cookie stamp I found the other day. It was a moment of extreme weakness.


Mine came with three messages: Handmade, Made with Love and Cookies & Milk. Why would you not spend $6 on that?


I busted out 101 Cookbooks’ peanut butter cookies recipe to test out the stamps and found both to be a success. The recipe has an interesting combo of maple syrup and olive oil, which I thought was pretty unexpected in a traditional peanut butter cookie. I reserved some of the dough so I could mix in cocoa powder to make a chocolate dough to press into the center of some of the cookies. Worked nicely.


Now I want to stamp everything.

You can find Tovolo cookie stamps at Sur la Table OR (better!) my sister and her fiance also sell some delightful¬†cookie stamps in their Etsy shop Noodle Prints. They have custom wedding cake cookie stamps with the couples’ initials, Valentine candy heart cookie stamps¬†and my personal favorite… the straight-face emoji cookie stamp.


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  1. Joy Joy

    Thanks! Just threw a dog bone cutter from your sister’s shop in my cart on etsy just have to ask if they can put a heart on it – so damn cute!

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