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Hasselback Potatoes


Hasselback is one of the ultimate methods for baking a potato, second only to twice-baked potatoes (my mom’s, particularly) which require way more effort than I’m usually willing to give to a lowly potato.

Hasselback potatoes beat out a plain baked potato any day because the multiple layers make it nice and crispy, and they also beat out baked “fries” too because I’d rather just have real fries anyway. Hasselback potatoes are easy (just slice, oil, bake), impressive (fancy fan, hello) and delicious (crispy, salty, yes). You can even stuff the layers with cheese, herbs and assorted other goodness. Cool? Cool.


All you have to do to make a hasselback potato is:

  1. Carefully slice the potato¬†into multiple layers (but don’t cut all the way through!) so it fans like the photo above
  2. Slowly drizzle with olive oil making sure to get it in between the layers
  3. Season with salt and pepper
  4. Bake (I did it at 350 for about an hour)


Have you ever made these? They’re my new favorite.


  1. My knife skills aren’t what I wish they were…but maybe I’ll get brave enough to try it sometime!

  2. TaMo TaMo

    Food and Family magazine had their “cheesy bacon hasselback” potatoes featured this month. You baste with Italian salad dressing and alternate, in the slices, cooked bacon and cheese. I immediately thought of Nick, Colin, and Ben. If I’m being honest, me too!

  3. Leigh Ann Leigh Ann

    Oh, my gosh. That looks incredible! I must try that immediately.

  4. Nikki Nikki

    I tried this with sweet potatoes and failed miserably. I kept cutting through the bottom. Ended up baking some good little sweet potato rounds! Practice makes perfect…

    • Katie Katie

      Ha! Good enough!

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