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Friday Favorites


I tried to post my Friday favorites on Friday but we lost power (and thus wifi) right when I tried to do it in the morning.

So here we are.

My sister’s birthday was Wednesday so we went had crepes at 7th Street Market to celebrate.


Flowers are in full bloom in Charlotte, which is a welcome sign of the new season. Allergies don’t bother me so long as it’s above 70 degrees. I’ll take it. Nick has decided in the last two weeks that he’s allergic to cats and refuses to accept my rational explanation that he, like so many of us, has developed seasonal allergies after two years in Charlotte. He is having none of my logic.


I had my first banh mi at the NODA F.A.M. Rally on Friday night. I’m just gonna say it: I don’t understand the food truck obsession. Don’t get me wrong, this sandwich was the jam, but I just can’t get behind standing in line forever and then waiting another 30 minutes for it to be prepared. I could do that seated in a restaurant sipping a glass of wine. Right? Does this not bother anyone else? I’ll just add it to my list of food things I hate, including but not limited to: eating in dim lighting, eating outside and all forms of to-go food. All told, it was still worth it.



Hope you had a lovely week!



  1. Caroline Caroline

    Would love to see your weekly grocery list some time!!

    • Katie Katie

      Sure! I’m traveling these next two weeks so I don’t have a normal run coming up but I’ll do it in April for sure!

      • Caroline Caroline

        Yay! looking forward to it!

  2. I don’t love food trucks, either, but as someone who started a small business and struggled to even rent a commercial kitchen and remain profitable… a food truck is a really nice in-between option. Not nearly as costly as renting an entire space, but a great way to still share your food with others. Having said that, I really don’t enjoy waiting in line, either, which is why I never went that route myself.

  3. Someone needs to tell YummiBanhMi they spelled JalapeƱo wrong. Yikes!

  4. danielle danielle

    i’m with you on not ‘loving’ the food-on-the-go deal. i am also not a fan of food trucks. it’s like a cult, everyone loves food trucks… why? i like to sit down to eat, preferably not on a plastic chair covered in shit hawk poops. even at 2:15am if i were to stumble out of a club, and there was a food truck, i don’t think i’d want to wait in a massive, drunken, smelly line for my food to be served on styro and then have to eat with plastic cutlery. plus the stuff ain’t cheap. $6 for some kimchi taco. no friggin way, i barely get a napkin with that, and then you want a tip? i get that drunk people don’t have their witts, but people love food trucks during the day and sober. honestly, i’d much rather sit and have a glass of wine as i wait for a table or my food.

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