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Weekend Wrap


Hello and happy day. This weekend I re-learned that I love peas more than many other things, but I’m happy to report that was not actually the highlight of my 50 hours of freedom. Here’s some stuff…

Friday night was Fahrenheit’s one-year anniversary party so I got to hang out with people I like and drink free champagne and Moscow mules. Afterwards we went to Intermezzo for a late dinner but not before cramming everyone into one shot in the elevator.

Saturday I spent an hour out at the Pure Intentions Coffee warehouse for a little behind the scenes tour. It’ll be on CharlotteFive some time this week… Nick and I did a five-mile walk down the greenway (and my butt hurts now) and went to see that new Will Smith movie, which I actually loved but only because I love Will Smith.

Sunday was just all about making food and going outside and getting ready for the week.

Hope you had a good one!

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  1. When I see somebody with a legit bowl of peas I get super excited. I’m glad I am not the only one who is pea obsessed! 😉

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