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Caturday 3.7.15


Happy Caturday to you and yours. I had a jam-packed weekend last week and have set life goals to do nothing for the next 48 hours. The cats are on board.

Here’s Ralph and me looking fresh to death this morning…

image1 (4)

I wish so badly I could get my cats to take a hilarious selfie like these two:


But they’re more like:


Highly, highly food motivated. I just heard that term recently–food motivated–in reference to a dog and I was like: Aren’t we all pretty food motivated? How could you not be? I certainly am.


Anyway, have a lovely weekend of doing nothing. That’s what we’ll be up to, too.


  1. Recently, in my improv class, we were talking about what motivates us. Most people said sex. I said food. This sums up my life.

  2. I love that your cutting board looks as well-worn as all of mine. Stains, grooves, general grossness… I need some new ones!

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