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Charlotte Coffee Crawl


Last weekend I went on the Charlotte Coffee Crawl, a tour that takes you to 10 cafes in two days and leaves you adequately wired as a result.

You can read my over-caffeinated play-by-play on CharlotteFive. Here, I just wanted to hit some high points.

My morning started with breakfast with Nick at Luna’s. I am incapable of ordering anything but the Biblical Breakfast, which is assorted toasted cranberry bread topped with almond butter, peanut butter and coconut butter. So that’s what I got.


From there it was off to Boquete to pick up my agenda for the crawl.

Stops included: Smelly Cat, Daily Press, Ozpresso, Kenilworth Espresso, Crown Station, Sunflour Bakery (featuring Pure Intentions Coffee), Eagle Speak, Mugs and Not Just Coffee. Here were some of my favorites:

Smelly Cat and their salty chocolate cookies

Daily Press and their chem lab set up


Ozpresso and their Aussie cool


Pure Intentions at Sunflour and their pastry + coffee tasting flight

Not Just Coffee and their vibe

Would you go to 10 cafes in two days? I actually fell asleep at 9p on day one like I’d had no coffee at all but was HYPED UP on day 2 and couldn’t stop moving.


  1. Megan Megan

    Do you know if they will be doing the crawl again this year?

    • Katie Katie

      I think so! I heard they did it like 6 months ago so I bet the do it regularly…

  2. Holy crap I can’t wait to move to Charlotte…

    • Katie Katie


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