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Weekend Wrap


I woke up by 6am on both of my weekend days so I think that qualifies Monday as a day off, right?

Here are some snapshots…

Nick had a massage as 6am on Saturday (I know, right?) so that had me up bright and early. We leveraged the extra couple of hours into breakfast at Luna’s (above).

After that I dove into the Charlotte Coffee Crawl–10 cafes in two days. I’ll write all about that later but rest assured I was highly caffeinated and still asleep by 9pm the first night.


Saturday afternoon we were on Nugget duty so we gave my niece a tour of Plaza Midwood. She’s so hip.

And Sunday was yoga and more coffee crawl and loads of baking.


Hope you had a good one! This week I’ve got some killer recipes coming your way, including raw vegan fig bars, maple banana bread (from the Hippie Lane App), smoothie upgrades, and chocolate-dipped peanut butter cookies.


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  1. If there’s one thing I miss from my current nomadic lifestyle, it’s weekend baking. I have been drooling over your recipes lately and wish I could spend an entire afternoon trying them out. Your weekend sounds lovely, early mornings and all.

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