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Friday Favorites


We made it!

Here’s what’s good: food edition.


I love these sparkling probiotic coconut drinks because they feel fancy but aren’t as expensive as my kombucha habit. They also have these awesome new flavors like mojito. Sometimes I pour things like this into a wine glass to feel cool.


My friend Caroline makes this INSANELY GOOD peanut butter coconut cashew granola and just recently started selling it and it is truly the best. I’m eating it straight out of the jar and also over that banana you see at the top.


Second only to Lemonheads, Cadbury eggs are my favorite candy. I’m not talking the big yolk-filled ones (which are gross, mind you). I’m talking about these little solid chocolate eggs with pastel shells. Nick ordered six bags on Amazon.


THESE COOKIES. Holy crap. This was one of my best ideas ever. Shoving an Oreo inside a chocolate chip cookie definitely wasn’t my idea (that’s everywhere) but executing on it on a random Wednesday night was and for this I rejoice. I have half of one left and am hoarding it.


Also, I discovered I am Baker this week and her entire Instagram existence is my favorite.

Screen shot 2015-02-27 at 7.39.10 AM


  1. I’m all about pouring kombucha into a fancy glass and drinking it in a (not-so-)sinful manner! I drank it from a martini glass one day while working from home and I swear it made life better…it’s the little things…

    • Katie Katie

      Haha this is awesome

  2. Those Cadburry eggs are truly amazing!! I also love Hershey’s “knock off” brand of them!

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