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Weekend Wrap


Hello hello. I really wanted to add sprinkles to the vegan cake batter blondies I made over the weekend but I was feeling extra uppity about all the weird food dyes in standard store sprinkles so I ordered these India Tree jimmies on Amazon and they arrived just in time for the blondies to already be done so they went straight into my smoothie instead. More important than discovering sprinkles dyed with beets and turmeric and such was discovering that sprinkles are sometimes referred to as “jimmies”. This brings me extreme joy.

Here’s what else happened over the weekend.

The Punch Room

Friday night I got to pop into a media preview of the new “speakeasy” bar at The Ritz. I love it because it’s small and quiet and the drinks aren’t sweet and gross. They have an extensive cocktail and punch menu but you can also just say something like “I’m in the mood for something… citrus-y!” and they’ll make you a signature drink. That’s so cool, right?



We Went Out!

Sound the alarm: Nick and I went out and drank alcohol on a Saturday night. This is such a rare occurrence, I actually texted him “I hate beer and socializing” on my way to meet up with the group. It’s not that I hate people and drinking so much as I LOVE being alone and not drinking. Can’t fault me for that. But we did have a delightful night hopping from Triple C to Bang Bang Burgers and Jackalope Jack’s. We still decided that’s enough socializing for at least the rest of the winter though. Phew.



Yoga One

I hit up Yoga One not once but twice over the weekend and that felt just great. Favorite teacher quote: “Yoga is not a civil act. It is a revolt against your normal consistencies.” Preach.


That was my weekend. How was yours?


  1. Sam Sam

    Is that 2nd drink a moscow mule? It looks good!

    • Katie Katie

      Yes! Jack’s had a special promo for a moscow mule with Purus organic vodka. It was so good.

  2. I really enjoyed the Punch Room too. Bob is super talented and I really couldn’t get enough of that tea punch.

    And Yoga One is my absolute favorite yoga studio in Charlotte. It’s my yoga home. Love the teachers, love the vibe.

  3. We New Englanders have been calling sprinkles “Jimmies” for years; however, it’s been debated that the name is actually racist, so I try not to say it anymore.

    • Katie Katie

      Really? Now I am googling the etymology…

    • Katie Katie

      I looked it up! It is allegedly a reference to Jim Crow (in a very racist way) but Snopes says this is not true: no substantive evidence demonstrates anything denigrative of African-Americans was tied to the origin of the name. I will not take my chances. Sprinkles works for me.

  4. Ah your text echoes my thoughts exactly before I go out to partake in anything remotely social…but in the end I’m always glad I made myself go (and it looks like you were too)!

  5. Annie Annie

    Hey there, fellow introvert here. I was wondering if you can do a post on this topic. Also, how do you handle being in a relationship as an introvert? 90% of the time I don’t have any concerns, but sometime I just feel this incredible need to be alone-and don’t want to offend my sweet, supportive (extroverted) partner. Would love to hear your thoughts!

    • Katie Katie

      Ooh good question. I’ll try to dive into it this weekend!

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