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Caturday 2.21.15


Happy Caturday!

I woke up this morning to Ralphie throwing up next to my bed and in case you’ve never heard a cat throw up, it’s not a joyous sound. So hooray.

No earth-shattering news to report from Caturday headquarters other than that I ran out of crunchy food yesterday so they’ve been eating their special stash of squishy food for the las two meals and are pretty thrilled with the situation. I bet when I get the crunchy food this morning they’ll refuse to eat it now.

Ah, cats.

We had a snow day in Charlotte on Tuesday. Here is Ralph keeping a safe distance from the elements.



Tilly keeps getting floofier every day, which is fine because she’s the only one that will let me groom her because she can’t do it herself.


Weaz has been super helpful in the kitchen this week.



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  1. TaMo TaMo

    Get that gato off the counter!

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