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Friday Favorites


Hey hey, hope you’re having a lovely week.

Here’s what’s good…


New advice from America’s top nutritional committee – Coffee is good for you.

Food52’s best potato recipe winner – HOLY CRAP.

India Tree Jimmies natural sprinkles – Totally ordered these.

Vegan Snickers on HuffPo – Hey that’s me!

Make your own snacks – Whatever you say, New York Times.

When fake super meat is better than real meat – Rooting for these guys.

#pancakeday – It was a thing over the weekend and I celebrated without even knowing it.




Man rescues dog from arctic sea – STANDING OVATION.

Biddy the Traveling Hedgehog – Extreme joy. Need hedgehog.

Cuddle Clones makes stuffed replicas of your pets – So many cats, so little money to buy these custom toys. (Thanks, Julie!)

Massive Uptown mural unfolding in Charlotte – This was fun to write. Cool guys.

Exuma swimming pigs – You’re welcome.

Dog spaghetti eating contest – Cannot stop laughing. That golden retriever is all of us.

Help a dog dodge death (again) – This sweet stray was supposed to be used for euthanasia training for vet techs and was spared because they brought their own subject. (How horrible.) Anyway, her life was spared and now she just needs some funds to cover her spay, microchip and vaccinations. Biggest donor gets to name her! (She’s in the safe care of Halfway There Rescue and is also looking for a foster or permanent home if you’re interested.)


Ok, that’s enough animal videos for one week. Coming up next week… VEGAN CAKE BATTER BLONDIES ARE A THING. Can’t wait. Have a splendid weekend.



  1. Tara Tara

    Well Katie, it’s my birthday, and you just made me cry with that euthanasia story. Thanks? (Looks like her initial expenses have been covered. Phew.)

    • Katie Katie

      Nooooo! Happy late birthday! And don’t cry. That little dog is in excellent hands now.

  2. I missed national pancake day?! Booo! Looking forward to that blondie recipe!

    • Katie Katie

      Yeah I didn’t know about Pancake Day until I’d already eaten a pancake and saw all the hashtags all over Instagram. Blondies Monday!

    • Katie Katie

      Thanks! Coming Monday!

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