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Friday Favorites


Hello! Happy Friday. I do all things the old fashioned way, including reading blogs by typing the address into a browser each day. I just like it this way. Anyway, I have just finally gone down the Bloglovin’ path to help me read and find more blogs so…

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With that business handled, here’s whats good this week…

Food Stamps at Farmers Markets – Some farmers markets are already accepting SNAP (food stamps), which is awesome but the cost of the equipment necessary to process the benefits is a prohibitor for many organizations. Applications open on Monday 2/17 for the Farmers Market Coalition’s Free SNAP EBT Equipment Program, which will provide eligible farmers markets with equipment necessary to accept and process food stamps. Encourage your local market to apply. This is awesome.

10 Things You Should Know Before You Get Into a Relationship with Someone Who Loves Food – Come up with a plan for who washes the dishes as soon as possible.

I Saved Over $1000 in a Month Buying Recycled Clothes – I started writing for CharlotteFive and this is my first piece recapping Month 1 of my year of no new clothes.

Exercise Can Make You More Thoughtful, Creative and Ethical – Cool piece on body vs. mind, jock vs. nerd dichotomy. Be both. Be human.

Tiny Planet App – I just thought this was cool. I took a shot of Uptown and dropped it in the Tiny Planet app and it turned into this…

Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 9.19.48 PM


Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love CharlotteFive and was happy to see your name pop up in the email this morning. Looking forward to more of your articles!

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