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Anatomy of a Vegan Sandwich


Let’s make a delicious sandwich, shall we?

I’ve had so many crap vegetarian sandwiches in my day–usually some soggy piece of garbage full of oily vegetables brutalized beyond recognition, mushrooms, and loads of cheese. That, or it’s some lame pile of raw vegetables with yellow mustard. Stop it.

There’s an art to building a decent and filling sandwich free of meat, and just giving us the toppings from a meat sandwich and calling it a day is not the answer. Here’s a look at a simple satisfying vegan sandwich.

vegan sandwich

In the war of the sandwiches I am most definitely on Team Toast. Regular bread is cool and all, but there’s just something to be said for warm crunchy toast. Here I have some sesame bread toasted up real nice.

From there, add a slather of hummus on each side. This is for functionality as much as flavor as it’ll keep the fillings more firmly rooted in place.

Tofu is a nightmare if you don’t know what to do with it, and I think most restaurants must just give up because I’ve had many a slab of just raw flavorless tofu. No thank you, man. I find the best treatment of tofu is to bake it until crispy which is what I did here. (You can find instructions on how to make crispy baked tofu here.)

In almost anything I eat I love the play on a combo of cooked/raw, pickled/fresh, which is why I include raw cucumbers and dill pickles here.

Top it off with a fresh tomato and we’re in business. (Be sure to add salt and pepper to each layer of fresh veggies.)



What’s your favorite sandwich combo??


  1. Katie Katie

    Vegan Dagwood…! Cold sauteed mushroom and onions, cucumber, spinach, tomato, avocado, hummus or dijon, cilantro, shredded carrot, on rye toast. Get in my mouth!

  2. Love this! I also got sick of boring sandwich combos and did a similar post (posts actually) on awesome sandwiches! My Weekly Sandwich Showcase didn’t exactly end up being weekly but it encouraged me to try new combos.

  3. Lyndsay Lyndsay

    gorgeous pictures. well done.

    • Katie Katie

      Thank you! iPhone 😉

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