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Friday Favorites


Sometimes I meditate on my own death and I swear it’s not as morbid as it sounds. It’s not the actual last breath I think about so much as what I hope my life is before that–where I’ve invested my time and resources and love, and who is there, and how I’m remembered. I guess technically it’s more a meditation on life, but it’s the thought of its inevitable end that triggers it.

Yesterday I was filling up my water bottle at the fountain and this came up: What would I be doing right now if I knew I was going to die in six months? (Probably not filling up my water bottle.)

I stood there for a second and I stared out the window over-dramatically like in a movie and got some really, really clear answers. It was actually kind of uplifting to come to the realization that I could seek those answers without the whole dying in six months thing. I could just go ahead and live and that sounds pretty cool to me.

How’s that for a Thursday afternoon kick straight to the face? Other than dramatic daydreams at the water fountain, here’s what’s good…

Preserved Lemons

HOLD THE PHONE. This is like a pickle but a lemon. I don’t even know what to do. So far I’ve just eaten them plain but I’m told there are loads of things I can do with them. Help me.



Recycled Clothes

My No New Fashion challenge carries on into month two. I went on one recycled clothing shopping spree at Buffalo Exchange last month. This is significantly less shopping than I usually do (frequency) and I spent significantly less–about $150 on like 10-12 items. (I’ll try to do a full recap of everything if people are interested.) I may never go back to new clothes ever again.




All This Makeup

Last year I transitioned to cruelty-free beauty products and have totally hit my stride with the following combination: Acure day cream, Alba Botanica CC cream, Mineral Fusion concealer and Well People highlighter stick. And mascara obviously. (Mineral Fusion has a great one.) I’ve decided that the fountain of youth lies in faking luminosity and the elusive “glow” so that highlighter stick is everything.



Little Old Rescue Dogs

OH MY GOD. My brother’s fiance runs a dog rescue called Halfway There Rescue (that’s actually where Tilly the two-legged cat came from) and she had this sweet little blind dog Winnie who is also in cancer remission and just wasn’t getting adopted. Tilly posted a picture of her on Instagram and a woman drove all the way from Virginia to South Carolina to adopt her. Isn’t that the best? It was the highlight of my week. ALSO Hope for All Dogs does a rescue event every Thursday at the Wells Fargo atrium Uptown so I always walk over for lunch. A few weeks ago I met this sweet 15-year-old poodle named Wilbur who was so loving and surprisingly energetic for his age. I think he wanted a home so badly he tried to follow one woman out. Sadly, Wilbur just died this week without adoption (but was very very loved and cared for in his foster home, I’m sure). I really love him. And today I met Butterbean (below), a chihuahua who was rescued from a hoarding situation and NEEDS TO BE MINE. If you are local (or not!) and want to foster or adopt or donate, please check out those two wonderful organizations. All Nick and I want to do in life is have enough land to take all the old dogs no one else wants. Life goals.



Hope you had a great week, guys. Let’s all go do the things we want to do. Think about the things we buy. Be nice to animals.



  1. Whoa! Those lemons are super intriguing! I’m excited to hear more about how you use them.

  2. Those lemons though….Savvy Julie just had a pound cake recipe (not paleo in the slightest) that called for some candied blood orange, but I feel like the lemons could replace that? Or somehow in a pancake? I don’t know, tell me what you do.

  3. Check out the cookbook Jerusalem by yotam ottolenghi– a lot of it is veg and middle eastern food frequently calls for preserved lemons!

  4. Just wanted to share this product with you: it’s both a CC cream AND stem cell support, hydrates, and has SPF so if you wanted to you could use just one product instead of two! I’ve been using it for a few months now and really like it. It gives a nice tan sheer coverage, dries matte, and doesn’t irritate my acne prone sensitive skin. I buy it at Whole Foods:

  5. kate kate

    ha! we just filled out an application for a halfway there pup and plan to send it over this weekend! hooray for saving allthedogs!

  6. Brooke Brooke

    Awee. That is too sweet about Winnie. My dream in life is to just buy a bunch of land and take in rescues that can’t find homes.

  7. Aww, Butterbean. We’ve fostered through Halfway There previously, and had a little itty bitty love bug for a month, before she was adopted. It was a great experience for us, that (unfortunately) ended up being a bit stressful on our own pup. Every time Sarah posts a needy dog on FB I want to give it another try.

    I have horrendous dark circles under my eyes (always have – it’s not a lack of sleep. freaking genes/skin tone/cursed by a witch – whatever)… how is that concealer working for you in that regard?

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