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Salud Cooking School: Pasta Class


Pasta is one of those weird elusive things that seems really hard to make so we just keep buying it in a box. Although pasta’s a little (lot) more involved, it’s not unlike hummus and peanut butter and almond milk and other things you can make at home with just a handful of ingredients and some free time… and a bottle of wine.

(Look at me talking such a big game after just one pasta class.)

Nick and I went on a last-minute weeknight date to Salud Cooking School at Whole Foods last week to learn how to make pasta because I for some reason think it is a necessary life skill and because Nick’s got some Italian in that British-American blood so I was thinking this would perhaps be some kind of innate skill of his. Like he could just walk in and start rolling out dough like a goose heading south for the winter. Something like that.


I think there are only about 12-14 seats in each class, which is cool because you get to be very hands on. They split our class into two cooking stations and we tackled three noodles and three sauces:

  • ravioli – one with mushroom filling and one with a sweet cannoli filling for dessert
  • fettuccini
  • zoodles – zucchini noodles
  • sage butternut squash sauce
  • traditional marinara
  • healthified alfredo made with pureed cauliflower

Unfortunately, I walked out of class without my recipe packet, but I’m going to email and see if they can send it to me because I know some people have asked how to make the sauces. Until then, here’s at at least a snapshot of the night…

I think my favorite thing out of all of that was the dessert ravioli. It was stuffed with a chocolate chip riccotta mix and topped with strawberries and whipped cream.


I had been wanting to go to Salud since the store’s grand opening but just hadn’t gotten around to it. I’m glad I did though because it is definitely worth it for some hands on experience in a really beautiful kitchen you don’t have to clean up. I’ll be keeping an eye on their schedule for another one…




  1. hilary hilary

    So fun! I went to salud charlotte for the first time last week too! They had a vegetarian southern cooking class and one of the dishes they taught us how to make was their amazing chicken fried tofu. Soooo good. Definitely want to go back!!

    • Katie Katie

      I almost went to that!

  2. TaMo TaMo

    Great pic of you and Nick. Looks like so much fun. Your brother should try it. ; )

  3. awesome! is there a cost for the class? If so, what is it? Or does it depend on the class?

    • Katie Katie

      Classes are $40-$60 depending on whether or not they’re just demo or will be hands on… I think some of the fancy ones are even pricier.

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