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Friday Favorites

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Tears rolled (and just kept rolling) out of my head and all over Nick last night just because he said… (wait for it)… something very sweet. It’s been grey and shitty here in Charlotte for going on, I don’t know, a month straight, and while the weekend promises sunshine and a rise in temperature, I expect little relief from my temporary insanity until about April. God help us all.

So while hormones and winter rage, let’s talk about good things.

The Day Designer


If you’re looking for the most expensive paper planner on earth, I have found it for you. I saw this lovely little book making the rounds on Instagram and since I struggle to say no to anything with black and white stripes, I added it to my Christmas list. I’m actually not doing a great job keeping up with it for my whole life daily, but I do use it as a daily editorial calendar for this very blog and if I can keep that up for a year, it will have been worth it.

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Giant Mugs

Nick got me this crazy cat lady mug and it is accurate.

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Camille Rose Naturals Fresh Curl

This is my new favorite curl product. I put it on soaking wet hair while I’m still in the shower and then DO NOT TOUCH HAIR UNTIL DRY. Just wrap it into a towel and watch Real Housewives for a few hours. (It’s cruelty-free and you can find it at Target.)


Talking Under Water

My internet-turned-real friend Elise sent me this well-timed book on how to make your cat an internet celebrity along with her band’s new album… IN THE FORM OF A CASSETTE TAPE. It comes with a download card, which I suppose is what you’re supposed to do with it since it’s the future and all, but since I actually still have a cassette player in my car that has never been touched I wanted to go that route instead. Their music is so so good. I should get all their autographs now while I still can.

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Broccoli Chips

Trader Joe’s never lets me down. These crispy broccoli florets taste exactly like the dried crunchy version of the roasted ones I make. I love them. I’ve been eating them sparingly because rumor has it they will bloat you up like a balloon.


On the Internet

Life Goals a la Love Taza – I love this ultra hip little family, and they are basically my life goal.

Bagel, Wine & Cheese Party with Molly Yeh – I want to go to this. Also her sweet wedding is another life goal.

Buckeye Brownies HOLY LORD – I don’t know how I found these, but I am making a vegan version this weekend.

Salted Espresso Caramels with Billy – Favorite blog evaaaaaaar.


  1. Jeannie Jeannie

    Those broccoli florets are AH-Mazing! I was expecting a letdown similar to what I get when I try to buy kale chips, but they were so good! Thank you for the tidbit about bloating…I could easily eat the entire bag!

  2. Try holy basil/tulsi for the seasonal crazies. It helps so much.
    So glad I could spare you the gut bloat from the broccoli! That TJ broccoli had the same effect raw broccoli does on me. No bueno.
    You have CHANGED my life with the Day Designer link. They’re sold out, but I did the free downloads. Thank you!

  3. thank you for the shoutout, dear!! and those broccoli florets look amazing. how i long to live near a trader joe’s!!!

  4. Loving seeing all of your favorites here! Thanks for the shout-out! I hope you loooove those brownies! Let me know how you adapt them!

  5. I love Camille Rose Naturals! I use their Almond Jai Twisting Butter. It smells so good!

    • Katie Katie

      Yes! This one smells like cake. I love it.

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