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Wear It: Flannel + Flair


If whatever you do on New Year’s Eve foreshadows what you’ll do for the rest of the year, I’ll be trying to fancy up old resale clothes with over-the-top cheap jewelry. Sounds about right.

Nick and I watched the ball drop from a lumberjack-themed house party complete with outdoor tarp tent. I consider this 10 steps up from a bourgie Uptown club party with all-you-can-drink shitty champagne and just one step down from being asleep in my bed. So it was good.

Obviously flannel is pretty much required at such an event, but I decided if I didn’t get to dress up I’d still go dripping in gold.

I got my flannel shirt at Buffalo Exchange, a resale shop down the street that I frequent weekly, and my black flair jeans are Paige Denim from JT Posh, a more upscale consignment shop where I find lots of good work dresses.

Jeans – Paige Denim (resale, about $40) | new here

Flannel top – Buffalo Exchange (resale, about $10) | similar new here

I, like most American women, went through a bit of a statement necklace phase not too long ago, but in the last year or so I’ve been feeling like they just never look right–too big and overbearing–so I stick to little gold chains. For NYE I brought out the biggest ugliest cheapest Forever21 costume piece I had… I think it did the trick.


I know the high-low flashy jewels + field worker girl combo is nothing new, but I like it not just for costume parties and have been tempted to wear it to the office. Is this stupid? Thoughts?


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  1. erica erica

    Yes! It’s exhausting seeing another head to toe banana republic ootd accessorized with a longchamp.

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