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Larabar Giveaway


Happy Thursday! Want some Larabars?

Almost every day sometime around 3pm I eat a Larabar and drink a shot of espresso. It helps get me from lunch to an evening workout without killing anyone and doubles as a post-lunch dessert because they are awesome. My favorite flavors all seem to involve peanuts: peanut butter cookie, peanut butter and jelly, and peanut butter chocolate chip. BUT when I saw they had released a seasonal snickerdoodle flavor it was all I could think about. I couldn’t find them in any of the grocery stores I went to so in desperation I just emailed Larabar and they were incredibly kind to hook me up with a sample. And now they’re going to hook you up too…

Larabar was super cool to offer up a 16-bar sampler pack to one of you. To enter, just comment below with your favorite flavor or one you want to try. I’ll pick a winner at random on Monday and Larabar will ship you your goods!

Big thanks to Larabar for the generous offer! Be sure to check out Larabar on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Pinterest and or sign up for their eNewsletter.

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  1. Virginia Virginia

    Chocolate chip cookie dough is the best!!

  2. Rosi Rosi

    I love the pb&j ones.

  3. Snickerdoodle for the win!

  4. Kate Kate

    Never tried it, but peanut butter cookie sounds awesome!

  5. Katie Katie

    My go-to choices are also the peanut flavored ones, especially the peanut butter cookie! I searched high and low for Snickerdoodle and could never find it, despite rumors it was hiding at Target

  6. Cortney Cortney

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with almond butter smeared on top!

  7. Dana Hauck Dana Hauck

    I have had every flavor except Cappuccino – I need to try it asap!!!

  8. Tiffiny Duke Tiffiny Duke

    Love cashew cookie!

  9. Clare Clare

    My favorite has always been banana bread, however, I have been dying to try snickerdoodle and haven’t been able to find it anywhere either!!!

  10. becca becca

    I love the snickerdoodle flavor!

  11. Betsy Betsy

    Coconut cream!

  12. erica erica

    It makes me so happy when companies have customer service like this! I love the peanut butter cookie flavor and would love to try snickerdoodle. Thanks Katie and Larabar

  13. Liz Liz

    Pick me! Pick me! These bars were a life saver when I was on a super strict diet to help control a disease I have called ulcerative colitis. I truly believe these bars got me through college! Since then, I’ve had surgery and now I can eat whatever I want, but I still eat them everyday!

  14. Stacie Stacie

    All of them?!? Larabars are the best and truly a lifesaver!! Snickerdoodle, banana bread, PB cookie…so many!

    Thanks to you and Larabar for the giveaway 🙂

  15. Holly S. Holly S.

    Current favorite flavor: PB&J
    But that is before I have tried the seasonal offerings I see on their website! Snickerdoodle, Gingerbread, and Pumpkin Pie?? Yes please!

  16. I love Larabars! I am leading a group Whole30 and this would be terrific to share with everyone! While it’s not whole30 approved – my favorite is the peanut butter chocolate chip. While on the whole30 – I love the carrot cake flavor! Mmmm!

    • Ashley Ashley

      Any of the peanut varieties are my favorite! But I haven’t tried one I don’t like yet either… Def gets me through the afternoon slump!

  17. Jamie Jamie

    My favorite is Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, but I would love to try the Snickerdoodle! I can’t find it anywhere!

  18. dev dev

    i love the blueberry muffin flavor.

  19. My favorite is peanut butter cookie but I want to try coconut cream pie!

  20. Dorothy Dorothy

    Apple pie has been my favorite for a while but snickerdoodle sounds pretty great.

  21. Sarah Sarah

    I love the texture larabars get when stored in the fridge! my favourite is coconut cream pie. love your blog! thank you.

  22. Calli Calli

    I love chocolate chip brownie (or any of the chocolate ones!)

  23. Andrea Rust Andrea Rust

    I want to try snickerdoodle!

  24. Susie Susie

    I’d love to try the snickerdoodle!

  25. Anastasia Anastasia

    I keep looking for snickerdoodle in stores! Love the coconut cream pie

  26. Larissa Larissa

    I would love to try anickerdoodle

  27. I have to try the Snickerdoodle! Key Lime is one of my very favorites and satisfies my never-ending Key Lime pie craving.

  28. Love me a Cherry Pie bar, but totally need to try the Snickerdoodle variety.

  29. Jessica Jessica

    Chocolate coconut chip is my fav — I’m packing them to save me on my business trip at the end of this week!

  30. jenna jenna

    My favorite is peanut butter cookie. I’d love to try the snickerdoodle.

  31. Ashley Ashley

    I would love to try the Pumpkin Pie bar and I can’t believe they have a carrot cake flavor too!

  32. Jennie Jennie

    I love chocolate chip cookie dough!!!just like you said, totally perfect for an afternoon treat when that dreaded 3oclock rolls around:)

  33. monica monica

    You know I’m gonna need to try the snickerdoodle, right?

  34. Lisa Lisa

    Chocolate chip cookie dough!

  35. Stefanie Stefanie

    Pb&J– but Snickerdoodle sounds amazing!

  36. Katie Katie

    Thanks, everybody! Contest closed – comments after this one won’t count. I’ll let the winner know tomorrow!

  37. Jess Jess

    Peanut butter & jelly is the JAM!

  38. Sara Sara

    Pb cookie is the best!

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