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Savory Dill Salt & Pepper French Toast


I’m weird about eggs.

In general, I don’t like eggs unless they’re thoroughly cooked to the point that most people would tell you they are inedible. My omelets have to basically be burned. Hardboiled eggs, despite their well done-ness, are a no go because they’re just gross. Scrambled eggs must be dry. Runny yolks are my nightmare.

So when I saw a recipe (in a vegetarian meal guide I’m currently following) call for two poached eggs and two slices of toast I was like, “There will be no poached eggs.” So I made this French toast instead so I could brutalize the eggs to my liking.

Since I’m still taking it easy on the sugar, I made them savory because WHY NOT.

It never really occurred to me to make French toast savory instead of sweet, but after eating it at home for Christmas I realized the sweetness is added after the fact with maple syrup, and is not inherent in the recipe. Then I saw The New York Times (I think) post a recipe for salt and pepper French toast and was like: THIS IS A THING.


To make mine I simply whipped up two eggs with salt and pepper and a whole bunch of dried dill, dredged two pieces of whole grain toast in the herb egg mixture, and thoroughly cooked it on a greased skillet until each side was brown and toasty.

I had it with a cucumber salad but I could totally see it with some roasted tomatoes or cheese or something.

Anybody else weird about eggs? Help?


  1. I’ve had my egg moments, I’ve found that I can eat them, as long as I have toast or hashbrowns on the side. (carbs for life over here). I could get behinds roasted tomatoes, or mushrooms, maybe with some caramelized onions?

    • Katie Katie


  2. I do like eggs, but I rarely want sweets for breakfast so I bet this version of french toast is amazing!

  3. Cameron Cameron

    What vegetarian plan are you following?

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