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Nourish Vegan Home Delivery

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Last month a cooler filled with some serious vegan eats was delivered to my desk at work and I have dreamt of it ever since. Nourish Charlotte, a local vegan food delivery service, was announcing their statewide delivery expansion and I was lucky enough to get an assortment to try.

In my box was: cinnamon bun baked oatmeal, tuNO salad and a really killer Indian thali sampler. Let’s talk about it…

Not surprisingly, I ate the cinnamon bun oatmeal first and it has ruined my life because I haven’t had it again since. It is seriously one of the greatest breakfasts I have ever had and I want to eat it every single day until I die. I’m not totally sure the gigantic slab is intended to be one serving but that’s how I ate it and I’d do it again.

I’m going to be honest, I was nervous about the tuNO salad. In 15 years of vegetarianism I’ve tried my fair share of truly revolting mock chicken and tuna salads and I was just not in the mood for one more. Much to my surprise, Nourish’s tuNO salad is excellent. Since I’ve never had real tuna salad (or real tun for that matter) I can’t attest to its likeness, but in my opinion vegan food is better when it doesn’t try to be a dead ringer for meat. This chickpea-based salad ate more like a hummus and was perfect with the homemade seed crackers.


I truly can’t remember what all was in my Indian thali but I do remember that the apple chutney was a game changer. One of the things I think is so cool about Nourish is how they fearlessly tackle some really tricky ethnic cuisines and effortlessly dispel any myths that they can’t be made without animal products and still taste good.


I know a lot of people like to try out new diets at the New Year and if you’re interested in trying a vegan lifestyle on for size (and don’t want to cook… and are located in North Carolina), you can get a week of meals from Nourish for $230 (average cost per meal $15).

I was curious to see how they’re doing down here in the land of fried chicken and was happy to see they’re actually sold out for this week. Not bad!

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Visit (for Charlotte delivery) or (for statewide delivery in NC).


  1. I’ve heard of Nourish, being local to Clt and all… but ouch. Nearly $1000 for one month of food, for one person? I. Can’t. Imagine.

    • Katie Katie

      Yeah it’s pretty impossible.

  2. miki miki

    I’m not vegan, or even vegetarian but I do try to limit my meat intake so I’ve been ordering from nourish almost a year. The entrees and soups are phenomenal and the portions are generous. The minimum order is $50 and for $50-60 per week, I can usually get enough for weekday lunches and a couple dinners.

    • Katie Katie

      That’s awesome!

  3. Last summer I did the 5 day “cleanse” from Nourish & I loved it. I can’t wait to do it again (but once I have a job again because dang it’s expensive).

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