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Painting Black Furniture White

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After graduating from college and moving into my first house on my own, I went through this really reckless phase of life where I decorated by spray painting all of my furniture black. It was a dark period. (Har har.)

There is no excuse for this behavior. I can chalk it up only to inexperience and cheap, readily available black spray paint at Walmart. The irresponsible spray paint industry should assume some responsibility for this, don’t you think?

Over the years I have slowly discarded of my old spray painted masterpieces. But even after coming to my senses with the whole DIY black spray paint thing, I continued to buy black furniture so it would match the ugly things I already had. Ugly black furniture begets ugly black furniture.

That’s what led me to purchase this innocent little black bedside table.


Nothing wrong with him, right? Kind of nice, actually. Still, after seeing Virginia’s bright white house on Live Love DIY¬†and realizing I hate my stuff because I hate dark furniture, I curse this little guy every single day. So something had to change.

Chalk Paint vs Chalk Board Paint

I learned in the DIY blog world that chalk paint is kind of a thing right now. It’s important to point out that I’m not talking about chalk board paint; that would be the paint that creates a surface upon which you can write with chalk. It comes in the standard issue blackboard color, but these days you can also get it in a rainbow of colors of your choosing. I am not talking about this kind of paint. I’m talking about chalk paint that also comes in an array of colors (including white) and dries with a chalky-looking finish.

I used Americana chalk paint in Everlasting, which I learned about on Live Love DIY here.



Americana says you don’t have to sand or prime to use this paint and in her post on the matter, Virginia reiterates that this is in fact true. That’s why I used this paint. Because I am so lazy and don’t know what I’m doing.

So with no sanding and no priming I applied three coats of the chalk paint, and bada boom.


We have a white table.

It’s not totally perfect; you can see brush strokes and the paint is kind of cracking on top (like that old weathered look). But I’m good with it. I’m planning to add one more coat and the Americana creme wax to seal the deal. If it’s still not totally presentable I’m going to spray paint it black. NOPE.


So that’s it! I wanted to start my first DIY project small and on a piece of furniture I could replace if I ruined it. Now it’s on.

You’re next, you big stupid thing I bought at Goodwill for $50 eight years ago…


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