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The Day in Food 12/30/14

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I didn’t intend to take this blog back to a meal-by-meal recap but my food yesterday was so awesome I had to do it again.

After a week of holiday travel and not really any other substantial time off from work this year, I decided to take this week off to do absolutely nothing. And it has been glorious.

I forgot how much I value the luxury of being home in my own kitchen to prepare my meals versus dragging them into the office in sad sorry plastic containers. As much as I love my Sunday bulk cooking marathons, I forgot how depressing it is to just continually reheat all of that all week. Cooking all my food at each meal is such a treat so I’m doing a whole lot of it.


Banana oat bake. SO GOOD.



Green smoothie bowl seen above with coconut flakes and oats.


Coconut fried chickpeas and cucumber salad over quinoa with ricotta.



Ants on a log! I was out of raisins so I just chopped up some dates.




Basil lentils and half a zucchini over spiral pasta topped with avocado. Hot damn.



I’m on a berries and yogurt after dinner kick so I had that again last night.

That’s it! Again, I fell for the Instagram-celebrity-with-sick-abs workout and meal plan sales pitch so all of this is from the Kayla Itsines vegetarian plan. I have been pleasantly surprised by how generous and creative the menu is and how straightforward and effective the workouts are. I’m seriously so pleased with it.


  1. kate kate

    ah! my coworker and I totally just went in on the plan together. I have to get out of my food rut – her ideas are awesome! Got my ass kicked by one “pre-training” workout, not even the real thing! Ha

    • Katie Katie

      She’s so awesome. I love it!

  2. Please do share that recipe for banana oats! Looks heavenly. Happy 2015! Have fun tonight dear xo

  3. Not being a huge raisin fan, I can see how ants on a log would be better with dates 🙂 All of these meals look wonderful! Happy new year!

    • Katie Katie

      I loooooved it with dates!

  4. JennyV JennyV

    Will you be doing a BBG review? Please say yes…

    • Katie Katie

      Yes! I wanted to give it at least a month (it’s 12 weeks)

      • JennyV JennyV

        Of course!

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