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The Day in Food 12/29/14


Happy Monday to you. Here’s what I ate today in case you are just dying to know…


Savory salt & pepper French toast with cucumber salad. I saw The New York Times (I think) post something about how French toast doesn’t always have to be sweet and I was like: YOU’RE RIGHT, NYT. YOU’RE ALWAYS RIGHT.

Snack 1

Green smoothie with 1 frozen banana, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, frozen spinach, cinnamon, vanilla extract and a scoop of protein powder.

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Basil lentils over ricotta toast. HOLY SHIT.


Snack 2

Almond milk latte while I picked up my shiny new (but actually totally old and used) table from Salvation Army.


Coconut fried chickpeas with quinoa and a salad of cucumber, fennel and celery… ON MY NEW TABLE.



Greek yogurt with raspberries and blackberries.


The day after Christmas I was feeling PMS bloat, post-holiday apple pie coma and a burning desire to spend some newly acquired cash so I bought Kayla Itsines‘ workout plan and nutrition guide. All of this food is more or less from that.


  1. Ok, that french toast idea is genius! I can’t believe I haven’t thought about using frozen spinach for a green smoothie. Duh! No worrying about fresh going bad before I can use it up. It’s a whole new world!

  2. JennyV JennyV

    Instagram kept showing me bodies by Kayla Itsines… What do you think of her guide that you’ve just acquired?

    • Katie Katie

      Same! I found her on Instagram too. I’m only three days in so I don’t think I can really assess yet but… I love it. The workouts are straight to the point (tough and effective but just 28 minutes) and the food is SO DAMN GOOD. I got the vegetarian guide and was a little irritated to see it includes fish but I just make swaps and it’s fine. I find that most workout nutrition plans are nothing but grilled chicken (subbed with tofu in vegetarian guides) and non-starchy vegetables. It’s so lame. Kayla’s menu is really diverse, includes bread (praise Jesus) and is easy to follow. I like it a lot so far.

      • JennyV JennyV

        Excellent! Thanks for the review! You done with CF or your other morning workouts?

      • Katie Katie

        Yeah, Crossfit was only for November (free trial) and I’m still paying for my morning bootcamp but not going (whoops).

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