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The Best of 2014

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Here’s a look at my top 10 posts of 2014 according to you. This is ranked according to pageviews so it just means that you read it, not that you necessarily enjoyed it. Ah, blogging…

I, for one, have had a wonderful year reconnecting to the blogging world (and all the wonderful people in it), rediscovering my voice (sometimes I’ve still got it), and reiterating the fact that I have too many cats. An interesting thing I noticed in reviewing these top posts is that they are such a small snapshat of what is actually happening in my life on any given day and they don’t really reflect what I would call my top moments of the year, which included: a trip to Tanzania, starting a new job, quitting yoga, feeling mentally and physically strong in a way I didn’t for a long time, and falling really hard in love–unexpectedly and without restraint.

2014 was a really great year for me. Thanks for hanging out, and see you in 2015!

  1. The Best Vegan Blondies | They really are.

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  1. Outfits | With a return to a real job in a real office came my triumphant return to wearing real clothes that are not sweatpants. With it came a new (sort of) weekly post about things I wear. I hope to do a lot more of this (with better pictures) in 2015…



  1. Do Yourself a Favor | I’m a pro at ruining my own day. Here’s how not to do that.


  1. On Balance | “I can’t decide if imbalance breeds creativity and passion and life or if those things lead to imbalance, but of one thing I am certain: the imbalance is the good stuff. Imbalance is the falling in love stuff, right? With people, places, passions, projects. It’s this heavy tilt towards something you’re supposed to crash into without regard for whether or not there’s enough time or money or sense or space.”


  1. Say It Loud: On Wanting What You Want | A pep talk for myself cleverly disguised as an apartment hunt. (Spoiler alert: I never moved into that perfect apartment but I’m still really happy.) “And that, I’ve decided, is how I’m navigating life on this the eve of my last year in my 20s–with a clear vision of what I want, the scrappiness to get it, and the patience to wait for it when the timing just isn’t right.”



  1. Things I Wear | You guys were either totally down with my “fashion” posts or totally hate-reading along, but this made the cut. As is to be expected, I kind of hate everything I have on in this. Great work.



  1. Parenting Notes from Your Single Friend | Seriously everyone has babies now.


  1. 25 Days of Yoga | Thanks for playing along!


  1. 52 (Randomass) Things About Me | All the things you never needed to know!

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  1. Curly Hair: Let’s Talk About It | A step-by-step tutorial for exactly how I do my hair every day plus some pro tips of taming the mane.




  1. TaMo TaMo

    I like the office area, but I noticed that one of the cat bookends is missing……………………

  2. Jen Jen

    Happy New Year, Katie! Hope this is your best year yet.

    • Katie Katie

      Thanks, Jen! You too!

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