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Diced Salad, No Lettuce


I’ve decided I’m over lettuce. And lettuce’s sassy cousin, kale–trendy little bitch.

I can get down with some cooked leafy greens–bake them into anything you want! But, quite frankly, if you catch me at the wrong time with a salad, raw leaves give me the heaves.

I thought this realization that I kind of hate salads (I was always just here for the croutons anyway.) would end my relationship with raw vegetables and thus my life. Turns out I can just make nice little diced salads lightly dressed and marinated in a homemade vinaigrette that requires no recipe at all.

To make a diced salad like this one, simply: Dice up 1-2 cups of vegetables of your choice. For me, that has been zucchini, cucumber (I eat this now!) and purple carrot. A little on the safe, uninventive side, but I’m leaving for the holidays this week and am trying to empty the fridge. Then you just dress it in some combination of oil (1 tablespoon) + vinegar (2 teaspoons) + sweetener (1 teaspoon) + spices (to taste). My combo was: sesame oil, apple cider vinegar, agave nectar, dill and salt and pepper.

That’s it! I’ve made this twice this week with different combinations for the dressing and feel like my relationship with raw vegetables has been renewed. Hooray.


  1. TaMo TaMo

    Lettuce is my least favorite part of a salad. Always been that way.

  2. This looks delicious! I love dicing up veggies and mixing them up with hummus as dressing.

  3. Looks yummy!!! I don’t mind lettuce but I definitely prefer a salad with lots of diced veggies mixed in. I often bring a salad to work for lunch and I dump in hummus since I don’t eat meat.

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