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Weekend Wrap

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Hello hello! Happy gray dreary Monday. Oof…

This is a short week for me since my office is heading to Charleston midweek for our end-of-the-year offsite, which is making today way more bearable.

If you missed it, you’re week two schedule for the 25 Days of Yoga is up.

My weekend was full of apartment nesting. I’m trying so hard to settle in this time around. I succeeded only in making minor switches with what I’ve already got (swapping lampshades, moving rugs, etc.) and am actually really happy with that one small step of progress. I think (know) my problem with interior design is I want it all done in one day and if it can’t be achieved I’m not interested. One step at a time… (Also hey! Look for this in HGTV mag! I don’t know if they’ll use it but they asked me for a shot of it so it might make it in.)

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I got distracted from the decorating by my closet. I pretend to want to live a minimalist wardrobe kind of life, but I’ve got all these piles of pieces I haven’t worn in forever. So I packed up a big bag and marched it over to a resale shop to collect some cash for it. I’m thinking about seeing if I can survive 2015 on recycled clothes only. I think it would be a fun challenge…

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I did some extreme dessert eating over the weekend. We had two birthdays in the office that warranted cupcakes on Friday and I had a girls night dinner on Saturday at e2 Emeril’s Eatery¬†and they brought us a platter with all the desserts. I’m not saying no to that.

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  1. Girl, I am constantly convincing myself I want to have a minimalist wardrobe, but then CLOTHES. I think I have to be somewhere in the middle. Not minimalist, not full on cray hoarder.

  2. Jen Jen

    Thank you for reminding me about resale shops! We just cleaned a ton of high-end clothing out of my hubby’s closet which just don’t fit him anymore. I suggested to him that I’d rather give it to a foundaiton who helps clothe the less fortuante looking to get back into the work force than Goodwill.

  3. I go on random binges when it comes to clothes. I buy buy buy new stuff then I don’t buy anything new for six months or longer. I’m terrible about mixing things up, wearing the same outfits weekly. I don’t know why that is. Lazy, probably. I’ve cleaned my closet out a few times recently, due to weight loss and needing to get the too big items out. Not a bad problem to have, to be honest.

    I love the the table your “positive vibes only” picture is sitting on. I don’t have my own place, which may very well be a good thing, because I think I’d over buy on decorative things. My bedroom alone is overflowing with pieces I refuse to get rid of because I love them so much.

    I just realized I may be a hoarder.

  4. Just wanted to say you can totally survive a year on resale clothes– I’m closing in on a year of doing just that. It’s a fun challenge, easier than you think, and way better for the environment (and for people!) than buying a ton of stuff made in Taiwan or China. Vote with your dollars– if people stopped giving money to F21 then maybe they’d stop mass-producing cheap polyester shit in environments unhealthy for the people who work in them.

    • Katie Katie

      Awesome! Thanks for the motivation

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