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25 Days of Yoga: Week 2 Schedule

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I hope everyone had a great first week of 25 Days of Yoga. I’m really happy to be back into a regular practice myself. Last week I did my seven practices in three different studios and one at home on my own. If you need videos to guide you at home, I’ve got your week two options below…


Two videos today. One is a quick yoga for core strength from me and then a 20-minute core strength practice with Kathryn Budig. (I love Kathryn.)

Yoga for Core Strength

Strengthen Your Core with Kathryn Budig


Really dig the straight-to-it-minimal-bullshitness of this whole series.

Crow Flow


Cardio Vinyasa Flow


Nice sequence preparing you for an advanced arm balance option.

Astavakrasana Home Practice


I used to be such a Jillian Michaels groupie. I had forgotten about this… I probably had it on VHS or some nonsense. She’s not a yoga instructor and you can tell (as is evidenced by her literally saying “Rep it out!”, but it’s good to mix it up sometimes. This is really more of a workout with some yoga poses thrown in. If you already know you hate Jillian… you will not like this.

Ā Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown


Yoga Body Workout


UCLA Loving Kindness Meditation (audio only)


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    No caturday since 11/8, did you quit?

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