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Some Things II

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Here are some things in my head that are going to come out now… God help us all.

I put some jelly on my rice cake (there’s peanut butter too, but could there BE a sadder breakfast?) and it’s guh-ross. No Sugar November has ruined me. At one point I seriously said, “These grapes are too sweet.” Feck.

Nick and I are carrying on with our sugar free-ish lifestyle even though the month is over. He lost like six pounds (WHAT THE HELL) and I remain the exact same weight I always am but have just kind of lost my desire to eat sugar and gained a desire to also magically lose six pounds by doing nothing.

What is with men losing weight just by thinking about losing weight? One of my best friends in college lost like 40 pounds by not drinking soda and doing Dance Dance Revolution. WHAT. (Hey, Jack!)

ALSO. Over Thanksgiving Nick ate an entire tub of donut holes and two gallons of egg nog by himself. MEN.

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I didn’t buy anything on Cyber Monday but I did waste hours of my life filling virtual carts up with thousands of dollars worth of my shattered dreams for a fully decorated apartment.

Speaking of Cyber Monday… Remember when “cyber” was the internet chat room word for “online sex”? Is this no longer a thing? Remember chat rooms? A/S/L? Kids these days.

Since I didn’t actually check out with any of my desired Cyber Monday furniture deals, I’ve decided I’ll just take to trolling the Salvation Army down the street from my house every. single. day. This strategy is necessary because every time I go in there the exact piece I want has a SOLD sticker on it so someone is creeping up in there before I get a fair go at the goods. Two can play at this game.

Are you doing 25 Days of Yoga with me? I hope so because I think it is going to be great fun. Last night I went to my friend Jen’s class and I just felt home–in my body and heart and other things yogis say–in a way I haven’t in a long while. I’m planning to make a whole bunch more videos too for your at-home yoga-doing convenience.

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I’m done with my month of Crossfit. I really liked it and if I had unlimited funds and time I would probably commit to keep going but right now I have: a Y membership, packages at three different yoga studios (why, Katie?), and a 6-month boot camp membership so… No.

I need a life budget.

When we were in Richmond I bought some ugly sweaters for us at H&M and made Dodge wear one. I highly recommend doing this for ultimate holiday joy.

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No one hates Christmas more than me, but I’m trying to be a lot less of an asshole this year. (I’m not listening to Christmas music until Christmas Eve, though. Get off my back.) I think it’s just all the excess. And also the winter. Winter is the very worst.

I should go to work now. I hope you have a splendid Tuesday.



  1. I’m trying crossfit for the first time on Thursday, and while I’m looking forward to it I also kind of want to hate it because of how pricey it is. Maybe it’ll go out of fashion and get cheap, haha.

    • Katie Katie

      Yeah I was surprised to like it that much since I’ve talked so much shit in my day…

  2. I’m not the only one who filled online carts all day only to realize I need none of it? Thank God.

    • Katie Katie

      United we stand.

  3. Tara Tara

    Wellll, I might hate Christmas more than you. Consumerism makes me ragey, but then again sometimes I want to buy all the stuff (but just for me). My family knows I love them, but the idea of buying each person a dumb present that will never be used/worn/etc. when I will be paying student loans until the end of time makes my skin crawl.

    Maybe I should be less of an asshole too? (Nah.)

    • Katie Katie

      I also mostly just want to buy the highly discounted items for myself. I don’t really believe other people when they say they don’t. This makes me the worst.

    • Katie Katie


  4. LMN LMN

    christmas (all of the excess) makes me want to stab myself in the eyeballs. so T and I ordered coordinating christmas pjs. If I’m gonna be an asshole, I might as well look like one. 😉

    • Katie Katie


  5. TaMo TaMo

    Dodge has such a sweet face (eyes).

    • Katie Katie

      He is faking it because he was so pissed about that sweater.

  6. Jack Jack

    i think i lost 10 pounds just remembering that fateful summer 😀

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