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25 Days of Yoga 2014

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Several years ago when I was still getting into yoga I did a 25-day challenge on my old blog to keep myself focused on this new great thing I’d added to my life instead of all the frenzied madness that can sometimes accompany the season. At the time I was already practicing almost daily so it wasn’t much of a thing. Lately though, I haven’t been practicing much (if at all). A good week is two or three times but that might be followed by a week or two of no yoga at all. I’m in desperate need of a return to my regular yoga practice so I thought this would be a nice way to bring it home for the holidays.

I know not everyone can get into a studio so here’s what I’m offering up for those of you that would like to join in…

Each Sunday I’ll post a weekly schedule of online yoga classes you can do at home. They’ll be a mix of vinyasa and deep stretch and meditation ranging from 10-minute tutorials to full hour-long classes, and they’ll all be free and readily available wherever you have an internet connection. (Hooray for the world wide web.)

Some of it’s my stuff, some of it’s teachers I just like and trust, and some of it I may have never done myself. (Some of it might suck!) I’m just compiling this to make it easier for everyone to play along. If you have access to your own studio, by all means please just keep going. But if you need a day at home because schedules get weird, this can be a good fall back.

See you on the mat… Here are seven videos for week one:

1 Monday

45-Minute Power Yoga Flow with Katie Levans (that’s me!)

This is an intermediate power flow with minimal instruction. I’ll try to make more of these…

2 Tuesday

Yoga Vinyasa Strong Flow (30 minutes)

I haven’t done this one myself but it looks straight forward enough, and you’re in and out in 30 minutes.

3 Wednesday

lululemon Detox Flow with Clara Roberts-Oss

4 Thursday

Yoga for Strength with Kino Macgregor

Kino is one of the absolute best in the game. This is a cool tutorial on targeting the muscles you need to build up to do all the crazy advanced business she’s up to all the time.

5 Friday

20-minute Detox Yoga Flow

I threw this in as a great starting point or home base for beginners.

6 Saturday

One-Hour Class with Tara Stiles

I don’t know why yoga classes have to be all outside mountain range new-age weirdo but… Tara Stiles is good at her game, and I figure we all have a little extra free time today so: 1 hour.

7 Sunday

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is a “divine sleep” meditation. It is said that a 20-minute yoga nidra is the brain equivalent of one full hour of deep sleep. So enjoy your Sunday.


  1. Sarah G. Sarah G.

    THANK YOU for sharing these. I’m going to try it!

    • Katie Katie


  2. You have such a beautiful practice!! Just did that first video since I’m away traveling — SO interesting that you do left first 🙂 And it was a great flow!! Thanks!

    • Katie Katie

      Yay! Glad it hit you at a good time when you’re on the road. I do teach left side first sometimes, but in this video I did it on the right and was mirrored in the final product. When I recorded the voice over I didn’t want to cue right when it looked like the left side to the viewer so I just switched everything. Shhhh 🙂

  3. Megan F. Megan F.

    Thank you so much for posting these! I am on a tight budget so I had to put my studio practice on hold for now! I have done the first video before and look forward to doing the rest!

    • Katie Katie

      I feel you! I dropped my studio practice several years ago for a summer when money was tight. The at-home practice isn’t the same, but in same ways it can be better. It’s a challenge to focus and not walk off back into your life and chores. I think that’s a good thing to learn to work through.

  4. What a great idea! I was actually looking for a yoga routine (or whatever the word is) a couple of months ago, but couldn’t find anything that I could commit to long-term. I love that most of these weekday yoga videos are short. I can do them on my lunch break in my office on days when I can’t get away for a walk/run. Thanks lady!

    • Katie Katie

      That is super awesome you can do yoga in your office. I work in an open space and would get some serious stares if I just dropped and down dogged at my desk. Ha!

  5. I’m preparing for law school exams, so I’m in dire need of more yoga in my life. Thanks so much for sharing these!

    • Katie Katie

      My boyfriend is with you (on the law school exams, not the yoga ha). Good luck!

  6. Janine Janine

    LOVE this! I have been desperately wanting to get more into my practice but it’s difficult with a crazy 2 year old at home. This will be perfect – thank you 🙂
    Also this: I wish more yoga studios would have child care! I think tons of moms would dig it (just putting it out there)

    • Katie Katie

      I agree! When I was running the studio that was probably our number one request: childcare. I think for most studios it’s a space limitation less than a lack of funds. Because truly the cost of a childcare worker would pay for itself in the increased attendance.

  7. Amanda Bee Amanda Bee

    This is awesome! Not sure about erryday but I’m gonna try to stick with some more yoga in december.

    • Katie Katie

      Haha I’m not sure about every day either buuuuut I don’t think I get that option now that I’ve publicly declared this challenge. Every bit counts!

  8. You are such a nice person! I read your blog all the time and never comment (sorry!) but I just have to say thank you. I have been out of practice for 6 months because of a shoulder injury so what a great gift to ease back in. Thank you!!!

    • Katie Katie

      Aw, thanks! You are an INCREDIBLE writer. Your blog is really inspiring. All the best as you ease back into your practice.

  9. Kim W Kim W

    This is AWESOME – thank you so much! And what a doll you are – you have such a great video and voice “presence.” Love the kitties too! 🙂

    • Katie Katie

      Haha I forgot the cats made a cameo in that video… 🙂

  10. Cayla Cayla

    The flow you did for Monday was AWESOME. I did it today and loved it.

  11. Michelle P Michelle P

    Thanks for posting these! I loooove going to an actual studio so someone can tell me exactly what to move wear, but it’s so dang expensive. When I practice at home my go-to Youtube channel is Sarah Beth Yoga, but these will help add some variety to my at-home practice. 🙂 Can’t wait to try yours!

  12. Bridget Bridget

    Just did your practice posted for Monday (better late than never?) on a dreary Sunday at home and I loved it! Thanks for posting! I’m a vinyasa teacher in Omaha, NE and I loved to see the different ways you sequence. It’s so easy to get stuck in a sequencing rut as a teacher. Also, I have never heard cheetah called that and now I can’t wait to use it…we call it core plank, which now sounds very boring 😉

    • Katie Katie

      Fun! Yeah I like hearing the different yoga dialects, if you will. I definitely teach “Charlotte style” and like to pick up new things when I’m practicing out of town. I’ll try to drop a “core plank” sometime and see what people do… ha!

  13. This is a really cool concept. Let me know if you plan on doing it again, I may have to join!

    • Katie Katie

      Hopefully I can throw something together this year too!

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