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Weekend Wrap: Thanksgiving Edition

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I hope everyone had a lovely little Thanksgiving weekend. I spent mine up in Richmond with Nick and his family.

We ate an over-the-top awesome vegetarian-friendly feast (complete with tofurkey), and No Sugar November came to a screeching halt with a slice of pumpkin gelato pie with candied pecans. I regret nothing.

I’ve done little more than eat and sleep for four days, and it feels good. Next up: my parents’ house for Christmas. We applied to win a $40,000 Griswold Family light display so here’s hoping that pulls through and it’s just a next-level weird holiday all around…

Happy holidays, everybody!

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  1. Your plate looks delicious! My grandma who never ever drinks made a whiskey whipped cream for our pies. It was a strange but delicious addition.

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