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Happy Thanksgiving and #SUGARNOPE End

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This sad empty plate is about to get filled up tomorrow…

Happy pre-Thanksgiving! As always, I’m rushing around like an idiot trying to pack and cram in a half day of work at the last second. Always planning ahead…

If you’ve been playing along with No Sugar November this month, I hope it has been an eye-opening and positive experience for you. I think making a minor (or major depending on how much you love Lemonheads) adjustment to our lives can be a really valuable learning tool. It all comes down to: Do I feel better or worse with or without _________ in my life?

Blank could be a food or alcohol or cigarettes or drugs or television or a person or a thought, but you won’t know what effect it has on you until you go without for a while. Sometimes you realize life is worse. (Ever gone a week without exercise and then felt like shit?) And sometimes you realize life is better–that you didn’t know it was possible to feel this good, that you didn’t know this was even an option.

I think we run a lot of our lives on autopilot just doing and saying and eating and believing the same shit day in and day out to the point that it numbs us from realizing that some of that shit doesn’t feel good. In fact, I think (sadly) a lot of us don’t even know how bad we feel until we feel good.

You’ll hear about how good you can feel physically from people who start eating healthy for the first time or start exercising after a long period of inactivity. I’ve also felt it mentally when I drop excess emotional baggage in favor of more feel good.

This came to me really clearly when I met and fell in love with Nick–that I didn’t know something like this was even an option. I guess I just always thought it was supposed to be a struggle, that it was always supposed to hurt. It took the elimination of things that I didn’t realize made me feel so bad to open the door to things that make me feel so so good. It’s a crazy thing.

For me, #SUGARNOPE hasn’t revolutionized my life, but I’ve found increased energy in the afternoons and have eliminated my addiction to post-meal sweets.

As for the end… You can do what you will with the rest of the month, but I’m calling it tomorrow just in time for the holiday feast. We’ve been sugar free for 26 days and, as we say at the end of a lot of yoga classes: Your cup is now empty. Be mindful of what you put back in it.

So here’s to a return to sugar with a little more mindfulness. Thanks for playing.


  1. kacypleasants kacypleasants

    I always feel better when I don’t eat sugar– or wheat/flour for that matter. Really glad you are so in love– it is crazy how easy and simple and BEAUTIFUL real love is. ❤️

    • The Lucky Duckling The Lucky Duckling

      I’m calling it quits tomorrow, too. It was a great challenge, and I too feel like I’ve kicked the after dinner dessert craving, especially. Sugar at work wasn’t a problem either, and for that I’m particularly proud. I also lost 2 inches off my waist, which was a nice little surprise, and also a slap in the face wake up call at how much extra weight is put on by eating desserts on a semi-regular basis. I wasn’t even eating that much in the first place, but now it will be close to nothing, and only special occasions. Just wanted to say thanks for the great idea!!

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