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What I Ate Today: #SUGARNOPE Edition

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I got a request for a play-by-play on what I’m eating sans sugar this month so here is what today looked like… starting with this giant coffee with (unsweetened) almond milk.

I didn’t eat dinner until 10pm last night so I was not feeling breakfast this  morning. I packed up my usual oatmeal (1/3 cup oats, 1 cup almond milk, 1 mashed banana, 1 tablespoon chia seeds, cinnamon, and a glob of peanut butter) and took it to eat at work, which I did around 10:30. Sorry it’s so hideous. Also I eat this cold which many find highly offensive.

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I didn’t have time to prep a bunch of meals on Sunday so last night I knocked out the bare necessity: lentils and rice. And that’s what I had for lunch plus some cashews. I also added this awesome Trader Joe’s frozen veggie mix to my rice with green chickpeas and olive oil and assorted other things in it.

I ate this in the park and then went for a 30-minute walk mostly to listen to Taylor Swift free of judgement (HAVE YOU HEARD OUT OF THE WOODS?) but also because it was like 75 degrees today.

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When I got back to my desk I ate some grapes and blackberries. If you’re terribly concerned with my decision to include fruit in my No Sugar November, the short story is: Fruit is good for you and its benefits outweigh its sugar content. Also I made up the rules.

If you’re playing along I hope you know you can interpret this (completely made up non-binding fully voluntary JUST FOR FUN) challenge any way you want. For example, one reader is just cutting out desserts but still allowing herself honey and whatnot because she is Greek and not having honey will kill her. (That’s a quote.) Some of you are probably not eating any fruit at all. Potato po-tah-to, guys. It’s whatever you want. I’m not here to kill anybody. (Nick has claimed that not having candy is killing him but he’s eating Honey Nut Cheerios so I don’t feel bad for him.)

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Around 2:30 I had an afternoon pick-me-up with a shot of espresso and a peanut butter Larabar. Shortly thereafter I also ate like six salt and vinegar kettle chips in the break room and my office LOST IT because there’s a gram of sugar in there and I was unaware. I’ve never been surrounded by so many men waiting to watch me fail at things. Instead of: “Wow that’s incredible you of all people have not eaten a single Lemonhead in the last 10 days”, it’s “THERE’S A NOMINAL AMOUNT OF SUGAR IN THIS CHIP YOU FAIL.” It’s just delightful.

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After work I went to get my eyebrows waxed where I usually eat free Starbursts in the lobby but I refrained. When I got home I slammed an almond ginger smoothie before Crossfit which includes a banana, handful of almonds, chunk of fresh ginger, cinnamon and two cups almond milk.

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My appetite has been nonexistent this week but so was my vegetable intake today so I forced produce upon myself for dinner. I roasted up a bunch of broccoli and brussels sprouts with coconut oil and ate those on a toasted tortilla with hummus.



Now I’ll probably eat some blackberries with coconut cream and call it a night.

Here are the sugary things I would have normally included in this day:

  • Sweetened coconut chips on my oatmeal – SO GOOD
  • Dessert after lunch – usually chocolate or some kind of fruity candy (hello, Lemonheads)
  • The occasional afternoon Diet Coke – I’m only human
  • Soy latte (and some dark chocolate) – so much sugar in the soy milk at most cafes
  • Protein powder in my smoothie – but the one I have has some kind of sweetener in it
  • Treats after dinner – just whatever candy we have in the house or we’ll sometimes bake cookies

So it’s not a hugely drastic shift. I’m not really one to eat donuts and baked goods all day, but all those little things add up. It has been a subtle life adjustment (I don’t feel like I’m suffering) but the payoff has been notable in the form of so much more energy.

How’s it going on your end?


  1. Hannah S. Hannah S.

    I’m also not a daily candy/cookie/donut person, but after Halloween this has been a well-needed break from the sweet stuff. So many things I didn’t realize had sugar in them, like jarred tomato sauce and some of the boxed soups from Trader Joes…and apparently potato chips!. Also, I’m finding how seriously dependent I am on stevia. I didn’t realize that the 3 drops I needed in my coffee had slowly turned into 5, and then into 10! Instead of cutting it out completely, I’ve just gone back to using 1-3 drops in tea and coffee which will hopefully tame my sweet tooth a bit.

    I’ve also got to say that my skin is a lot clearer! Could be coincidence, but either way it’s not a bad thing 🙂

  2. Lyndsay Lyndsay

    good job on the challenge 🙂

  3. Marie-Eve Marie-Eve

    I’m from Montral (Canada) so please be kind with my english. My friend told me about your blog 3 weeks ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I can’t wait to read you every morning after my workout. I have to confess; I’m a junk food, candy, donut whatever you want junkie and I am TRIYING REALLY HARD to do your no sugar november. You keep on talking about lemonheads and because there is no such thing as lemonheads here; I have been obsessed with it. SO… This morning, after my 1 hour spinning class that I hate (it’s at 6AM), I went to my local Walmart and there they were; LEMONHEADS!!! Guess what my breakfast was?

    THANKS 🙂

    • Katie Katie

      Hey Marie-Eve! This made my day… But now you have to lay off the Lemonheads for the rest of November 😉

  4. It’s….going here. The toughest thing for me is finding salad dressing with no sugar (non-existent) and I’ve never made my own. I’m trying to stick to steamed veggies with salt and pepper instead.

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