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I’m on an oversized sweatshirt kick from which there is no escape.

My new predictable fall get-up is one part practicality (it’s unseasonably cold and my winter coats have been sitting in a trash bag to go to the dry cleaner for three months) and one part pure laziness (sweatshirts are the next best thing to wearing pajamas to work).

Here is what I’m talking about…

I got all of these at Marshall’s at some point or another. The ALOHA NEW YORK, blue one shoulder, and ridiculous black and white one that makes me look like an 8-year-old boy are all all 2014 purchases. That striped one I’ve had for all eternity and it is the ultimate.

Since it’s near impossible to replicate Marshall’s purchases because they’re so hit or miss, I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a selection of excellent sweatshirts you can buy online. Go nuts.

Now I want more sweatshirts.


  1. Holly Holly

    Can we have a conversation about the fact that you have (or perhaps are considering purchasing?) your boyfriend’s (of 3 months?) name on a sweatshirt?

    • Katie Katie

      Yes I can’t wait to see what this conversation entails.

  2. TaMo TaMo

    It’s a sweatshirt. Not a tattoo. (This is my part of the conversation). Cheers!

    • Holly Holly

      Yeah sure, and the notebooks I drew my boyfriend’s name on when I was a teenager were disposable too. Doesn’t make it any less immature!

  3. Pooks Pooks

    Oh, Holly, why so mean?! TaMo has a good point 🙂

  4. Julie Julie

    It’s hilarious. It’s not like it’s a promise ring. Donate that shit if you don’t want it anymore.

  5. Nick Nick

    Let’s be fair, it’s been four months. Almost five at Thanksgiving. I also have her tattoo on my left butt cheek already.

  6. I have a princess monster truck sweatshirt and it’s probably my favorite item in my wardrobe.

    • Katie Katie

      I absolutely need one of those.

  7. Amy Amy

    HAHA….Yay Nick! Sounds like Holly is a little jealous.

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