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All Treats, No Tricks: 3 No-Sugar-Added Desserts

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Hey hey, Halloween. If you’re participating in No Sugar November this is your friendly reminder to go on an absolutely wild out of control sugar binge today because tomorrow it’s GAME ON (or over, depending on your positive or negative framing of this little challenge).

Since I don’t want you to completely panic about not having sugar for 30 days, here are some fruit-sweetened treats to help you out. (There will be plenty more where this came from, don’t worry.)

Vegan Coconut Whipped Cream – Pile it high on top of broiled pineapple (or any fruit you want)


Easy Vegan Spiced Caramel Apple Crisp – Baking fruit makes it even sweeter and pureed dates add a caramel-y component

vegan caramel apple crisp


Vegan Turtle Cups – Creamy date caramel with walnut chunks and a coconut cocoa shell

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See? You can do this.



  1. Joy Joy

    What about tea? I really want to join you on this but I have tea every day with either soy or almond milk and either stevia or Splenda – I could give up Splenda and diet coke but stevia? Doubtful

    • Katie Katie

      Tea is totally fine! As for the Stevia, I suspect everyone will make their own audits to the original rules and come away with their own cheats. You can come at it any way you want, but I’d say no to Stevia. This blog has a lovely run down of the reason why even a “natural” no-calorie sweetener is still a no-calorie sweetener:

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