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No Sugar November

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What started as an empty threat to my boyfriend who loves candy more than you love anything has morphed into another self-imposed 30-day challenge I’m calling No Sugar November.

I thought some of you might like to play along so here are the rules:

  1. No sugar. Ok? Ok.
  2. No artificial sweeteners. That’s cheating. You’ll just drink Diet Coke all day.
  3. Agave nectar is sugar. Honey is sugar. Coconut sugar is sugar. Maple syrup is sugar. Sugar is sugar, got it?
  4. Whole fruit is not sugar. I won’t stand for it. You can eat fruit all day.
  5. But easy on the fruit juice, killer. That’s a lot of sugar and none of the fiber or anything. Just eat fruit.

Cool?? Cool.

If this seems horrendous to you, keep in mind that I will provide us with super easy recipes for the following no-sugar-added snacks along the way:

  • Banana ice cream
  • Peanut butter cups
  • Caramel apple chia pudding
  • Turtle cups
  • Baked apples
  • Fruit parfait with coconut whipped cream
  • Coconut cups
  • Banana split

As well as tips on simple substitutions for some of your favorites like… a fizzy swap for your daily soda and a sweet stand-in for maple syrup.

I’m not anti-sugar at all. I won’t fly off the handle calling it poison or tell you to never eat a homemade cookie every again. But it should obviously be consumed in moderation and this kind of little challenge is a good way to reset and start paying attention to how much sugar you’re really eating every day. (I do think artificial sweeteners are a terrible idea, though.) Mostly I need to stop eating a bag of Lemonheads a week.

Even if you’re not a big consumer of sweets but you’re on the sugar-free (as in artificial sweeteners) bandwagon, this would be a good experiment for you. The goal is to retrain your palate to the intensity of natural sweetness found in fruits and vegetables. Because artificial sweeteners are sometimes thousands of times sweeter than natural sugar, regular consumption of those products numbs our palates to the sweetness of the real deal. They’re just garbage. Don’t eat them.

Ok so that’s it.

In? Awesome. Our hashtag is #sugarnope.



  1. I haven’t had sugar in over 2 weeks (I’m doing the Whole30 challenge), and it actually hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be. I was one of those people that didn’t eat a TON of sugar but wouldn’t dare have my coffee without stevia. It only took a few days for me to get used to unsweetened coffee, and now I don’t see myself going back to stevia at all (especially now that I’ve also stopped lying to myself about it being better than sugar).

    Looking forward to your recipes! I’m intrigued by what a coconut cup may be…

  2. Jeannie Jeannie

    I’m in! Thank God fruit is still allowed. I like fruit too much to give it up. And I can’t trust anyone who says it should be limited…

  3. Thank you for including real fruit. I won’t be joining you, but I’ll be watching and interested!

  4. Definitely going to do this with you! I tried eating paleo earlier this year and made it about 45 days. You’re right, too, it totally reset my tastebuds. Before paleo I took my coffee with milk and 2-3 sweeteners. After paleo even one sweetener was like eating sugar with a spoon. Can’t wait for the chia pudding recipe.

    • Katie Katie


  5. Jeannie Jeannie

    Btw, I made your coconut curry lentils…LOVE!!

    • Katie Katie

      I make them almost every week for real. So good.

  6. Kathryn Perry Kathryn Perry

    IN! But I’m starting now. Thanksgiving is in a month, and I’m going to be realistic about dessert.

    • Katie Katie

      Haha, touche to Thanksgiving. All my friends are like: Whatever we’re eating pie.

      That’s fine.

  7. Hannah Hannah

    I’m in! 🙂 Does stevia count?

    • Katie Katie

      Oh yeah, no way Stevia. 🙂

  8. Janine Janine

    Well I do love your hashtag so I’m in!

    • Katie Katie

      Haha excellent.

  9. Laura Laura

    So, does this mean no alcohol too 🙂

    • Katie Katie

      No “added” sugar. The sugar in wine is fruit sugar. 🙂

      • Karen Karen

        Now that we’ve cleared this up, I’m in!

  10. The Lucky Duckling The Lucky Duckling

    Perfection. I’m in!

    • Katie Katie


  11. ahh i should definitely do this. i don’t eat a lot of sugar but it’d be nice to have a challenge like this to hold me accountable.

    • Katie Katie


  12. what about my coffee…. what can i put in my coffee. wait.. no coffee???

    • Katie Katie

      Haha dude, coffee doesn’t have sugar in it… 😉

      I’ve never put anything in my coffee but soy or coconut or almond milk. It’ll take some adjusting without the sugar if that’s what you’re used to but I assure you coffee is allowed.

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