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What I’m Reading (and Stuff) 10.24.14

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Good day! Is this the longest week of all time or has time slowed only over Charlotte?

Man oh man.

Here’s some good stuff to read, watch and listen to as you wind down into the weekend…

Poor kids who do everything right don’t do better than rich kids who do everything wrong – A paper presented at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s annual conference explains how rich high school dropouts and poor college graduates remain in the high and low income brackets, respectively. I think a healthy dose of perspective is a good thing since the privileged are so often blind to privilege. (Imagine that.) I’m no exception but my life was once presented to me with this baseball analogy and it serves as a nice reminder when I forget what I earned and what I perhaps did not. I will never forget it. It goes something like: “Consider that you were born into the United States of America. Consider that you were born white. Consider that you were born into a family that is by most anyone’s account wealthy. In a lot of ways and thanks in no part to your own intelligence or talent or effort, you were essentially born on third base. What do the kids in the dugout have to do to match you there?” Touche. According to this paper, not even graduating from college will close the gap. That sucks.

Make Ahead Freezer Oatmeal – This is so cool.

The One Way to Trick Your Cat into Sitting Still – As an authority on cats, I can attest that this is proven scientific fact. If you want your cat to sit down, give it a circle to sit in. The smaller the better. We’ll demonstrate on Caturday… Stay tuned.

Not That Kind of Girl – I’ve never seen Girls but I like who the pop culture world tells me Lena Dunham is so I bought her book. It’s a brutally honest look at her life delivered with a verbal range of subtly to hyperbole that I suspect mirrors the ebbs and flows of her actual emotions. She seems lovely and relatable. I would like just once to pick up a memoir that does not open with the author’s first experience masturbating. Just once.

Hippie Sabotage, Ridin’ Solo – This is my new favorite song. So jammy.

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  1. Amen on the masturbation….I mean, sexual revolution, probably a good thing. But I don’t need everyone’s details.

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