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Caturday 10.18.14

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Good Caturday morning. Here’s what happens when I accidentally wake up at 6 on a Saturday…

Weaz is sitting behind the fan staring at me. I recently watched two hours of Fatal Attractions on Animal Planet, a show about exotic pets that kill their owners. I fear she is a threat but let’s┬ásee what’s happening on Instagram…

Oh. The 30 people I follow haven’t posted in the seven hours since I last checked? Time to troll through the Explore page… I discover the #hijabstyle hashtag and disappear down the rabbit hole. I should tell Leandra Medine about this…

Why am I still out of coffee?

Nick’s alarm goes off. He has had this 6am Saturday alarm set since I met him. He has never woken up before 8:30 on a Saturday. It’s the thought that counts.

Weaz is still staring at me. I empty the litterbox. While I’m at it, perhaps it’s time to tackle that trashcan. I tied the bag closed two days ago but couldn’t get it out of the can itself because the bag and the plastic form an impenetrable suction forcefield so I’ve continued to cram small things inside it until Nick takes it out. There’s a small pile of too-big trash items accumulating on the counter. I try again and succeed. I set the bag next to the front door with the cat poop. Good enough. I wonder if my landlord is going to yell about me about leaving trash by the door again…

Nick’s alarm again. No sign of life from the bedroom.

Let’s empty the dishwasher while I’m at it. WHY am I still out of coffee? This is the fourth day.

Maybe I’ll go for a run.


I should get ready for bootcamp.

It’s great that I’m out of coffee because I can get one on the way to bootcamp and feel all like, “Totally winning this Saturday!” Probably will Instagram it.

One of the cats has set off the springy door stopper thing. Nick has not moved. I’m going to get my Instagram coffee.

Here are the cats:


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  1. TaMo TaMo

    ADHD Caturday.

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