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What I’m Reading 10.17.14

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Good Friday morning to us all. We have made it. Cheers.

I’d like to begin by discussing how annoying stuffed peppers are and then we’ll move on from there.

First of all, stuffed peppers fall into a category of Food That Gets in its Own Way along with such travesties as: the wedge salad, caramel apples and hard-shell tacos. Each of these foods is delivered as a visually impressive but inedible whole only to be mutilated and dissected for consumption by the eater.

Do not bring me a salad I have to chop and dress myself. Don’t create a taco filling vessel that can’t hold taco fillings or its shape after one bite. I’ll just eat nachos. Don’t hand me something the size of a softball on a stick the size of a pencil, cover it in sticky goo and be like, “Good luck with that.”

Don’t do it.

Last night I had the grand plan to stuff two of my bell peppers with lentils and quinoa to shake up my Sunday meal prep leftovers. How resourceful! I should know better.

Stuffed peppers are the worst. The pepper is never cooked enough, they tip over and spill the filling, and in the end you’ve hacked it to pieces and have come to the realization that you could have just added diced peppers to the filling and called it a day.

Never again.

Anyway, here’s what I’m reading:

Could a Food Scanner Change How We Understand Diet and Health? – A look at the revolutionary science behind the future of food scanning at TellSpec. They’re creating a device that will tell you exactly what’s in your food–fat, calories, carcinogens, gluten, and so on–just by scanning it.

Why low-carb diets have it all wrong – Obviously up for debate and there is solid science on both sides of the argument, but I loved this article because it supports my suspicion that, against all current popular nutrition advice, I actually feel better¬†(and lose weight) the more carbs I eat, putting me among¬†the not so rare but often ignored “carb tolerant” class. I have fallen for the low-carb trend more than once and I have never felt worse. Worth a read.

“I Knew I Would Get Fired” – This interview with Sally Krawcheck, former CFO of Citibank, is just fantastic and she throws out a controversial but allegedly research-backed claim that the financial crisis could have been avoided with more women at the table, saying: “what could have averted the financial crisis [was] more diversity of perspective, of opinion.”

Fighting the Ebola Outbreak Street by Street – This is a riveting, horrifying, humanizing 8-minute look at the ebola outbreak through the eyes of an ambulance worker in Monrovia. Required viewing.

Have a great end of the week. Send me good things to read…



  1. TaMo TaMo

    If you boil the peppers first for three to five minutes, they should be done. As far as them falling over, try a baking dish that fits the peppers tightly OR dice up the peppers and eat them as you suggested. So many problems, so little time. ; )

    • Katie Katie

      Hard knock life.

  2. To hold up the peppers, you can stick them in a muffin pan or individual ramekins. VOILA! Those peppers won’t fall down.

    • Katie Katie

      Ha, yeah that’s what I did to cook them. I think I’m more whining about how I then had to set it on a plate and just hack it to pieces. It seemed like such a wasted effort. Life is hard.

    • Katie Katie

      The weird thing is I LIKE iceberg lettuce. (What?) But the idea of the wedge is just lost on me.

  3. Amanda Bee Amanda Bee

    I, too, and not that impressed with stuffed peppers. I love the IDEA, but the work-to-enjoyment ratio is not good enough for me. Way too much work for what is, essentially, the same as chopping it all up and throwing it in a pan.

    IDK why people even eat wedge salads.

    • Katie Katie

      I want to make a shirt that says IDK why people even eat wedge salads.

  4. The NY Times video was heart-wrenching.

    • Katie Katie

      Right? It’s just beautifully told. I am simultaneously horrified by the story itself but also so in awe of the journalistic talent that put it together so we could see it.

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