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Last week my friend Brittany got married in a beautiful black-tie-optional event at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. For the first time in my life I had purchased a dress weeks prior to the event only to turn around on the day of and buy this pink dress instead.

If you see me at an event of any kind, odds are I purchased what I’m wearing a few hours prior. I just can’t handle the pressure of committing to something in advance. What if I change my mind? What about the weather? What if I’m feeling particularly fat or skinny on that day? What if my hair is misbehaving and has to go up when the dress looks better with it down? You see what I’m saying.

I suspect I will do this one day with a wedding dress. It will give everyone a heart attack but me because this is just how I operate.

So the pink dress was a killer clearance rack find at Belk. It’s a $400 BCBG gown I nabbed for $50. FIFTY DOLLARS. This was a delightful surprise because it was tagged at $100 and I still thought that was a good deal. So imagine my surprise when they basically handed it to me for free.

I wore it with some cheap Forever 21 earrings an a necklace I don’t know the origin of.

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I can’t imagine another opportunity I’ll have to wear this dress, but I’m kind of thinking I can probably have it professionally dyed to a nice deep maroon or something, making it two dresses in one. Or unprofessionally bleached into a white wedding gown hmm….



    • Katie Katie

      Bless you, child. I don’t know how to do makeup. That’s my “I tried really hard to do this” application of brown eyeliner on top and navy eyeliner on the bottom. And some attempt at shadow in the crease like all the magazines say. And mascara of course. It’s a shoddy process. You don’t want me to teach you. 🙂

  1. Bleaching it yourself would be fun for some sort of 80s prom theme (although didn’t one of your friends already do that?)

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