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Weekend Wrap

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Snapshots from a solid weekend…

Friday night Nick and I got burgers and fries at Bang Bang Burgers and then promptly went to bed because that’s how we roll. Also on the food front, I would like to point out that tofu sofritas have finally made their way to Chipotle Charlotte. Thank you Jesus. I’ve been asking for this for about a year now and am always told they’re only rolled out in “big cities.” THIS IS EVERYTHING I HATE ABOUT CHARLOTTE. Anyway, they’re actually only on the menu but not available for service yet but I made SUCH a dramatic show of enthusiasm when I saw them on the sign that one girl on staff took pity on my soul and made a special preview batch just for me. Joy unspeakable.

Saturday was a beer festival with my niece. We were helping out at her mom’s dog rescue booth because Saturdays are made for babies and dogs and beer. If you’re in the Carolinas and looking for a dog (or are interested in volunteering as a foster), check out Halfway There on Facebook for available rescues. (Baby not available for adoption.)

I spent the rest of the weekend trying to settle into my apartment. I want everything exactly where I want it, you know? Not there yet but I’m particularly excited about the spare room that’s becoming an office-slash-yoga studio. I’ve been in here for most of the day.

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That’s it from my world. Hope everybody had a great weekend!


  1. TaMo TaMo

    By big cities, does Chipotle mean Algonquin, IL? They have tofu sofritas for awhile.

    Pictures of the Nug make me happy. That tummy!

  2. Kate F Kate F

    Hi Katie, I think you or at least your old blog has been hacked. Apparently, I never unsubscribed from Sweet Tater and I just got some boobs in my feed. There’s a sentence I never thought I would say.

    • Katie Katie

      Hahaha, thanks for the heads up. I just saw it too. End of an era, I guess?? RIP Sweet Tater.

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