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Smooth Move

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It took 12 hours and countless trips back and forth but I successfully completed the easiest move of all time two doors down from my old place. I went from a studio to a two-bedroom unit that happens to also be handicap-accessible (for Tilly!). After already committing to the lease I started to panic about the accessible features that might plague me, namely the lower counters because I do so much cooking. Turns out none of it is an issue.

So far here are the things that are awesome about having an accessible apartment:

  • Bigger doorways – For easier moving!
  • Gigantic bathrooms – Rejoice!
  • Accessible roll-in shower – No tub to clean!
  • Just so huge – It’s just. so. huge.

I don’t really notice the counters being lower and one part is actually at standard height so I just set up my knives and cutting board and will do my prep work there. Voila.

Despite a minor hiccup on the move-in date, this was such a smooth move. My boyfriend did all the heavy lifting and just makes it all really effortless. Not in a “he lifts heavy things” kind of way but more of how he makes me feel effortless. Have you ever been in one of those relationships where you feel like a chore? Or a burden? I have. I don’t feel like that.

I also lucked out big time with my boss being cool with me taking a last-minute personal day to pull of the transition. This during a major workload week for me, too. We’re gearing up for a full rebrand and website launch next week along with a slew of press releases so the pressure is on. But I’m more productive at home during crunch time anyway. This from a piece on the modern creative in AdWeek resonated:

Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 9.02.14 AM


I wrapped up my moving day with a girls night at Carolina Facial Plastics to learn about non-surgical “graceful aging”. Jen has been on this life-changing skincare routine with them over the last year and brought some of us in the drink the KoolAid. We got some killer gift bags full of fancy lotions and after one night I’m pretty much sold. If I could give one piece of advice to my 20-year-old self it would be: BUY THE EXPENSIVE FACE CREAM. Also: SUNBLOCK, DUMMY.

I’m not getting plastic surgery (no chance), but this was a super enlightening experience. I tend to be totally blind to the fact that someone has had work done, but seeing the subtle before and after shots they shared (and LIVE Botox and filler demos) opened my eyes to the fact that a lot of the “natural” beauty I see and envy probably isn’t. Nothing wrong with it at all. It seems this kind of upkeep is as common as teeth whitening in Charlotte (and probably elsewhere). I guess for me it just helped to see what women are doing to achieve a look that I mistakenly thought was genetic. It’s just good to know.

That said, I am all over some expensive lotions. (And I was surprised to find that most that they gave us are not tested on animals!) The samples are awesome and I’ll probably fill you in after I use them longer.

Back to work…


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  1. Jeannie Jeannie

    Ohmygod, that cat in a bag. So funny.
    Glad your move went well!

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