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A Quick Workout for When Nothing is Working Out

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SO. Yesterday I was supposed to move into my new place but due to unfortunate circumstances that were totally 100% within my property manager’s control, that did not happen. This set me into a tailspin of rage that crash landed my evening into a flaming pile of privileged whining. Oh woe is me, I can’t move into my spacious two-bedroom apartment for like 16 more hours. Life is hard, man. (Stop being unbearable, Katie.)

After binge eating like half a jar of pickles and running off steam on a route straight to my sister’s house where I could complain about my fortunate misfortune in a judgement-free zone, I had simmered enough to go eat Vietnamese food with my boyfriend. LIFE IS HARD.

This morning I woke up ready and raring to go for boot camp. And by this I mean I turned my alarm off three times before finally dragging myself back to my sister’s house drunk on sleep.  I arrived only to find that that little rodent (a term of endearment we use, I swear) overslept and was not coming. By then it was too late to make it to boot camp but too early to go home having wasted a 5 o’clock wake up call.

I had heard that we were doing cardio and abs today in class so I went to the Y to do the following work out myself.


4x – 5 minutes moderate pace, 1 minute all out sprint

24 minutes (aim for 3 miles)



3x – 45 seconds toe touches, 45 seconds Russian twist, 45 seconds straight leg bicycle

(rest 15 seconds between sets)

~7 minutes

30 minutes total

I use the Seconds Timer app by Runloop whenever I do circuits like this on my own. It is the BEST little tool to have on hand for solo workouts. You can program your own HIIT, circuit or tabata timer with custom times and exercises, and this little robotic coach will tell you when to do what. People always ask me about it when I use it. Probably because it’s weird that I’m taking commands from a little robot voice. I love it. (I just use the free version.)



The moral of the story is, in the immortal words of Elle Woods: “Endorphins make you happy.” I’m taking the day off work to move in today. It’s fine.


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