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Caturday 10.4.14

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Oh wow. I just titled this post Caturday 10.4.12, corrected the 12 to 13, thought for a second and then GOOGLED THE YEAR. I’m already starting to feel super old like my body is jiggly and my face is wrinkly. This is the beginning of the end, my friends.

So while I google “brain tumors memory lapse” let’s take a look at this week in cats…

Screen shot 2014-10-03 at 12.23.19 PM

The highlight (read: horror) of the week was Tilly’s newfound clingy-ness. It’s cute and all and shows such extreme progress from the terror she was about a year ago, but the adoration ends when she gets into my bed to cuddle with a giant turd on her butt as was the case yesterday morning. I panicked, put on rubber gloves and cut a poop off of my two-legged cat’s butt. What did you do with your Friday morning?


In Weaz news… Everyone’s favorite panda is going hard at her workouts this month as is evidenced by her location inside this gym bag at all times. Can’t find Weaz? She’s inside something.

I don’t have a lovely headshot of the Ralph this week, but can I just say that this little potbelly pig LOVES Nick more than she loves me? Like, a LOT more. When he opens the door she sprints across the apartment to greet him. When he leaves she walks out the door too. This morning he was on his way out and she was on the balcony so I go, “Ralph! Nick is leaving!” and without fail she came bounding through the kitchen to him.

In the face of all this love and good behavior here is a flashback to Ralph terrorizing her brother Wedgie.


In case you missed it: these fools are on Instagram. Oh… OH and Ralphie just puked. See ya.


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  1. TaMo TaMo

    Clearly you are Tilly’s biological mom………….the blue eyes!

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